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Microsoft Advises Outlook.com Users to Use Aliases Amid Email Blocking Issues with Gmail

Sending emails from some Outlook.com domains to Gmail is flagging as spam. Microsoft suggests using an alias as a temporary fix.


Microsoft has confirmed that a number of Outlook.com users are encountering difficulties when sending emails to Gmail accounts, with their messages being erroneously marked as spam. The problem specifically affects users with Outlook.com country domains. In response, Microsoft has published a support document detailing the issue and suggesting a temporary workaround for affected users.

Temporary Measures and Google’s Guidelines

To circumvent the current email deliverability challenges, Microsoft is recommending that affected Outlook.com users create and use an alias for emailing Gmail contacts. An Outlook.com alias functions as an additional email address that shares the same inbox, contact list, and settings as the user’s primary email address. Users can create a new alias directly from their Outlook.com account settings. This temporary solution aims to mitigate the impact of the issue until a more permanent resolution is found.

Google, on the other hand, has indicated that the email blocking is a result of its updated anti-spam guidelines. These guidelines are designed to combat spam, phishing, and malware more effectively by setting stricter thresholds for bulk email senders and requiring proper authentication of messages. Google has advised bulk senders to review these new guidelines to ensure their emails are delivered to Gmail accounts without interruption. Starting in April 2024, Google will begin rejecting emails that do not comply with these standards, with enforcement becoming more stringent over time.

Future Implications and Enforcement

The ongoing situation underscores the importance of adherence to email authentication and spam prevention standards in ensuring smooth communication between different email service providers. As Google prepares to enforce its new requirements in June, both individual users and bulk senders are urged to take necessary measures to comply with these guidelines. This development highlights the evolving landscape of email security and the continuous efforts by major tech companies to protect users from unwanted and potentially harmful communications.

In summary, Outlook.com users experiencing email deliverability issues to Gmail accounts have been provided a temporary workaround by Microsoft, as both companies navigate the challenges posed by stricter spam filtering measures. The situation serves as a reminder of the dynamic nature of email communication standards and the need for ongoing vigilance and adaptation to ensure secure and efficient email exchanges.

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