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Microsoft Launches Copilot for Security to Enhance Cybersecurity Measures

Microsoft launched Copilot for Security, an AI-powered tool to fight cyber threats. It helps analyze incidents, reverse engineer malware, and offers global threat intelligence.


has officially made Copilot for Security generally available, marking a significant advancement in solutions. The service, which leverages artificial intelligence to assist users in identifying and rectifying computing security vulnerabilities, was initially announced by Microsoft in March 2023. Following its announcement, an early access program was launched in October 2023, allowing selected users to experience the service ahead of its general release.

Features and Capabilities

Copilot for Security is designed to streamline the cybersecurity process for companies and organizations. By enabling users to input text prompts, the AI can generate summaries for security incidents and provide guidance on responding to these incidents effectively. One of the standout features of for Security is its ability to reverse engineer malware scripts. This functionality allows security developers to uncover weaknesses within the malware, thereby enhancing their defensive strategies. At launch, the service supports 25 languages, making it accessible to a global audience.

Furthermore, Microsoft has integrated its Defender Threat Intelligence into Copilot for Security at no additional cost. Users will have access to a wealth of information, including intelligence profiles, articles, and an analyst workbench, enriching the service's capability to bolster cybersecurity defenses.Microsoft-Copilot-for-Security-Plan

Pricing and Accessibility

To access Copilot for Security, customers are required to have an Azure subscription. Microsoft has adopted a consumption-based pricing model for the service, which is determined by the extent of its usage. The pricing structure is measured in Security Compute Units (SCU), with an in-product dashboard provided to help users monitor their SCU consumption. This dashboard not only allows for real-time insights into usage patterns but also enables companies to adjust their SCU allocation as needed, ensuring they can scale the service to meet their specific business requirements and budget constraints.

The general availability of Copilot for Security represents a step forward in Microsoft's commitment to enhancing cybersecurity measures. With its AI-driven capabilities, flexible pricing model, and integration with Threat Intelligence, Copilot for Security is poised to become a valuable tool for organizations seeking to fortify their cybersecurity defenses.

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