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Microsoft Rolls Out Significant Updates to Edge Copilot, Introducing Higher Character Limits

Microsoft Edge Copilot gets a big boost! Character limit doubled for complex inputs, chat history deletion in 3 clicks


Microsoft has announced an update to its Edge Copilot feature, significantly increasing the character limits for user inputs. As of March 30, 2024, the “More Creative” and “More Precise” modes now allow up to 8,000 characters, doubling the previous limit of 4,000. The “More Balanced” mode sees its limit increased to 4,000 characters from the earlier 2,000. This enhancement is designed to facilitate more complex user interactions without the need to segment inputs, thereby preserving the context of larger text passages.

Enhanced User Management Features

Alongside the character limit expansion, Microsoft introduces an improved management feature allowing users to delete their entire chat history in Microsoft Copilot on Edge with just three clicks. This update, aimed at providing a more streamlined experience, is gradually rolling out to Microsoft Edge Canary users. It reflects Microsoft’s commitment to user convenience and data management within its AI-powered tool. Furthermore, the introduction of the Notebook capability within Edge Copilot marks a significant enhancement. This feature supports up to 18,000 characters for visualizing complex answers, extending the utility of Copilot beyond its previous limitations.

Notebook Capability and Future Outlook

The Notebook feature, previously accessible only via the Copilot website and other platforms, is now integrated directly into Microsoft Edge. This integration allows users to leverage a substantial character limit for detailed inquiries and responses, enhancing the tool’s functionality for research and complex problem-solving. Microsoft’s decision to include Notebook in Edge Copilot underscores the company’s ongoing efforts to refine and expand its AI-powered offerings, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of users.

In summary, Microsoft’s latest updates to Edge Copilot, including increased character limits and the introduction of the Notebook feature, represent a significant step forward in enhancing the user experience. These changes not only allow for more detailed and complex interactions but also improve the overall management and utility of the tool. As these updates continue to roll out, users can anticipate a more robust and efficient experience with Edge Copilot.

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