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Windows Photos App Update Introduces Microsoft Copilot Plugin

Microsoft's Photos app gets an AI upgrade with a Copilot plugin! Now you can create slideshows, set wallpapers, and manage OneDrive photos


has introduced an under the radar important update to its Photos app, incorporating a new Copilot plugin feature aimed at enhancing user experience through artificial intelligence. Found by PhantomOfEarth, the update, identified by build number 2024.11030.22001.0, brings more AI-driven functionalities such as creating and viewing slideshows, as well as setting desktop backgrounds directly from the app. This development marks a step forward in Microsoft's integration of AI technologies within its software ecosystem.

Enhanced User Experience and Functionality

The core functionality of the newly added Copilot plugin centers around improving how users interact with their photo collections. Users can now effortlessly generate slideshows of their images within the app, a feature that simplifies the presentation of photos. Additionally, the ability to ask Copilot to set a photo as the desktop background introduces a level of convenience and personalization previously not available. Alongside these features, the update also revises the OneDrive Accounts section within the app settings, allowing users to seamlessly manage their Microsoft account and access images stored on OneDrive cloud storage.


Future Prospects and Additional Updates

While the initial capabilities of the Copilot plugin may seem limited, they lay the groundwork for more advanced AI features in the future. In November 2023, Microsoft had already begun experimenting with AI in the Photos app, introducing the ability to remove and replace background images among other improvements for Windows Insider program members. These enhancements, including improvements to the Filmstrip feature and the addition of a Timeline Scrollbar, indicate Microsoft's ongoing commitment to leveraging AI for creating more intuitive and powerful user experiences. The integration of AI into the Photos app not only enhances current functionalities but also opens up new possibilities for future developments in photo management and editing.

In conclusion, Microsoft's latest update to the Photos app with the introduction of the Copilot plugin signifies a notable advancement in the application's capabilities, driven by artificial intelligence. As Microsoft continues to explore and integrate AI technologies, users can anticipate more innovative features and improvements that will further enhance their interaction with digital content and streamline photo management tasks.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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