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Vidnoz AI Review: Convert Text to Video with AI in a Minute

Vidnoz AI is a free AI video creation platform with features like customizable templates, voice cloning, and a large media library.


AI has been transforming creativity in recent years, and in video the possibilities of AI could redefine how we produce video content. One of the leaders in the video AI space is Vidnoz AI, a solution that offers AI video creation and production streamlining with a wide range of features. In this post, I will take a look at the latest version, Vidnoz AI 2.7 and give an overview of the pros and cons of the service.

What is Vidnoz AI?

Vidnoz AI is a fully-featured AI video generator service that has the standout feature of being free. It provides streamlining tools to make it easier to produce AI video content, including customizable templates. Features on Vidnoz make it easy to make a video from scratch and complete the whole process. Hundreds of AI voices and lip syncing avatars allow users to present their content in a professional way.

Ideal for individuals and small businesses, Vidnoz AI provides a suite of AI features that allows users to create videos in less than a minute or to take more time and create scalable content.

By using the latest artificial intelligence technology, Vidnoz AI can provide a diverse suite of tools. Being able to generate videos in minutes and enhance the creative process, Vidnoz can be an ideal alternative to established AI video software like Synthesia and HeyGen. Machine learning algorithms allow you to create video content using automation, including avatars, templates, and editing features. 

Vidnoz AI Product Features

The feature set of Vidnoz AI is diverse and flexible, giving users a set of tools that help to make AI video creation easier.

  • Video Templates – To help streamlines video content creation, Vidnoz AI has a selection of over 600 templates. These designs allow users to give their video a base that is related to their content. For example, there are templates for social media videos, presentations, advertorials, or how-to videos. All templates are customizable, so it is possible to put a distinctive touch on top if you want.
  • Voice Cloning – By using voice AI, the Voice Clone feature on Vidnoz AI allows users to leverage the AI to copy their voice for scripting, narration, or presenting. It supports over 80 languages and has controls such as voice emotion and speed of speech.
  • Scripting – There is a text-to- video AI feature that allows users to input a text script and have it converted to AI voiceover.
  • Avatars – If you prefer not to appear in your videos, Vidnoz has over 500 AI avatar characters that are realistic and work with the Voice Clone feature.
  • Free Media Library: Vidnoz provides a free collection of images, music, icons, and text that you can use in your videos. This saves you time searching for these assets elsewhere.
  • Easy to Use: Vidnoz has a simple interface that lets anyone create videos, even if they have no editing experience. You can drag and drop elements to build your video, and there are clear instructions for each step.
  • Fast Video Creation: With Vidnoz, you can generate your video in seconds. This lets you experiment with different ideas quickly.
  • High-Quality Downloads: You can download your finished video in high definition (HD) so it will look sharp on any screen.
  • Animations: Vidnoz offers a variety of animations that you can add to your videos to make them more engaging and dynamic.

Product Pros & Cons


  • Accessibility: Free to use basic features.
  • Diverse media tools: Offers a large library of voices, templates, and avatars.
  • Efficiency: Ability to create videos in a few minutes.
  • Flexibility: Templates cover different video categories.
  • Voice Clone: Voice cloning feature provides realistic copy of a user voice.


  • Online only: While it is convenient that Vidnoz AI works online, the lack of a downloadable offline mode is not ideal.
  • Limits on customizations: Vidnoz AI is flexible, but there are pro-level limitations when adding a personal touch to videos.
  • Ease of use: Considerable number of features means there is a steep learning curve.

How to Use the Product

Vidnoz AI is relatively easy to setup because it is a web-based tool with no download. You can open and account and start editing within a few seconds. Below we’ll take a look at how to get started with Vidnoz and generate your first video.

  1. Create an Account
    Head to the Vidnoz AI website and click the “Create Free AI Video” button. Provide your email address or sign up using Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Microsoft Account.
  2. Choose a video category
    Vidnoz now transitions to your profile/video creation homepage. You will firstly need to choose which type of video you want to make.
  3. Select a template
    You will now be shown a collection of templates for your category. You can change category or browse all templates at any time. From the list of available templates, choose the option you want.
  4. Choose a voice and add a script
    A text box will now appear over the template at the bottom of the screen. Here you can manually write a script, upload your own voice narration, use the Voice Clone feature, or have no script. Settings include subtitles, language, and speed of speech. You can also select a voice from 470+ lip sync AI voices.
  5. Edit elements to enhance your video
    On the top of the video box, there is a toolbar of editing elements. Here you can create/generate an avatar, add text or shape overlays, change the background, add stickers, add images, integrate music, and see a preview.
  6. Generate the video and complete the project
    Once you “Preview” the video, click the “Generate” button on the top right. Vidnoz AI will now create the video, which can take several minutes or longer depending on the size of the clip. Once complete, a window will show the complete video. You can play it, download it, or share it to complete the process.

Who Should Use the Product

AI in marketing has become extremely popular, and a tool such as Vidnoz AI can be useful for marketers running campaigns. I have doubts over its ability to fully replace a longform video, but it is an ideal companion piece of tool for shorter clips. Vidnoz will also have value as an AI for business suite as it works well for promotional content, presentations, and social media videos.

Pricing Plans

I found the free Vidnoz AI suite to be surprisingly powerful. It is certainly good enough for individuals making non-professional videos. However, you may want to upgrade to a paid version of the platform for more enterprise tools. Not least because the free version only allows you to create one 3 minute video per day and puts a watermark on it.

  • Free: $0/mo with
  • Starter: $14.99/mo with 5 minute max videos, 15 mins per month, no watermark, more AI voice, and unlimited script creation.
  • Business: $37.49/mo same as above with 20 minute max videos and 30 mins per month.
  • Enterprise: Contact sales for mass use

Product Alternatives

Vidnoz AI is not the only option you have when choosing a video AI creation tool. There are other solutions available that are worth comparing before you choose which is best for your needs.

  • Synthesia: Arguably the premier video AI solution, Synthesia offers benefits such as text-to-speech AI scripts, and AI voice generator, 150 avatars, support for 120 languages, and templates. One reason why Vidnoz AI is an ideal Synthesia alternative is because it has a free tier. Synthesia starts at $30 per month for one seat and just 10 minutes of video.
  • HeyGen; The closest competitor to Synthesia is HeyGen, which offers 120+ avatars and uniquely also photo avatars. It only supports 30 languages but does have AI voice for text-to-speech scripts. If you like automation and being able to plug in and create a video, Vidnoz AI is a HeyGen alternative because it has 400+ templates while HeyGen only has 200.


Vidnoz AI is a powerful video creation tool that uses AI to do all the heavy lifting. It has enough customization for experts and is easy enough to use for beginners. It is not going to take over from a manual editing suite because the pricing plans are restrictive in terms of how many minutes you can generate. However, if you are an individual or business who wants to create short form videos with minimum fuss, Vidnoz may be worth your time.

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