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How to Change Your Spotify Username and Profile Picture

We show you how to change Spotify username and profile picture without leaving the desktop app, while explaining the difference between the service's different names.


Whether its from an old alias or due to a literal name change, everyone needs to change their username at one point or another. Today we’ll be showing you how to change your username and profile picture in Spotify, the web’s most popular music streaming service.
Before we start, though, you should be aware that Spotify has two “user names” associated with your account. The first is the one that you use to log in to your account, and the second is the one that shows across the app – to yourself and others.
You can’t change your login username, so it’s the latter that we’ll be focusing on today. If you do need to change the username you login with, Spotify’s support team is your best bet.

How to Change Your Spotify Username and Profile Picture

Performing a Spotify username change is actually quite easy. You can do it straight from your desktop app without having to open your browser.

  1. Click on Your Profile Picture
    Find and click on your profile picture in the top-right corner of the Spotify desktop app. This is your gateway to accessing your profile settings. The profile picture is usually next to the friend activity pane or beside the window controls if the pane is minimized.
    Spotify - Open Options

  2. Access Your Spotify Profile
    To modify your username and profile picture, it’s crucial to navigate to the right place. Do not click on “Account” as it leads to the Spotify webpage, where you can’t make these changes. Instead, select “Profile” to move forward with your customization.
    Spotify - Show Profile

  3. Initiate Username or Profile Picture Change
    Once in your profile, click on your current username. This action is the first step towards personalizing your Spotify presence.
    Spotify - Profile

  4. Update Your Username and Profile Picture
    To change your username, click on the “Name” field and type your new username. To update your profile picture, click the pencil icon on your current image, select a new picture from your PC, and click “Open“. Finalize your updates by clicking the “Save” button, instantly showcasing the new changes to your friends.
    Spotify - Profile Details - Change Spotify Profile Name and Change Spotify Profile Picture

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Spotify

Can I change my Spotify login username?

Unfortunately, no. The username assigned by Spotify at the time of account creation is permanent and cannot be changed. This mainly acts as a unique identifier for login purposes. However, you can create a custom display name that replaces the username on your profile and is visible to other users.

Is there a size limit for the Spotify profile picture?

Yes, there is a size limit for the profile picture on Spotify. The file must not exceed 4MB. For optimal results, it’s recommended to use a square image to ensure it displays correctly on your profile. This limits potential issues with picture resolution and cropping.

How often can I change my Spotify username and profile picture?

Spotify does not impose a limit on how often you can change your display name or profile picture. Feel free to update these elements as frequently as you wish to keep your profile aligned with your current preferences or branding.

What image formats are supported for Spotify profile pictures?

Spotify currently accepts profile pictures in JPEG or PNG format. These formats are widely used and compatible with most image editing tools, ensuring accessibility for users who wish to customize their profile visuals.

Can I change my Spotify profile picture from the mobile app?

Absolutely! To change your profile picture using the Spotify mobile app, navigate to your profile, tap ‘Edit Profile’, and then you can select a new image from your device’s gallery. This flexibility allows you to update your profile directly from your phone, making it convenient to keep your presence fresh and up to date.

Can I use an emoji as my Spotify username?

Yes, Spotify allows the inclusion of emojis within your display name. This can add a fun and personalized touch. However, remember that readability matters; ensure your name is still accessible to friends and followers.

How can I make my Spotify profile public or private?

To switch between a public or private profile, access Spotify’s settings and look for the ‘Social’ section. Here, you can adjust who sees your activity, playlists, and profile. A private setting keeps your listening habits discrete, while a public profile allows others to find and follow your playlists.

Can I change the profile picture to a GIF?

Spotify does not support GIFs for profile pictures. You must choose a static image in JPEG or PNG format. This restriction ensures compatibility across devices and keeps the user interface smooth and uncluttered.

How can I delete my Spotify profile?

To permanently delete your Spotify account, you need to contact Spotify’s customer support directly through their official help channels. This is a non-reversible action that will remove all your data, playlists, and preferences from Spotify’s servers.

What happens if the image I want to use as a profile picture is too large?

If your preferred image exceeds Spotify’s 4MB limit, you’ll need to resize it using an image editor before uploading. Many online tools and apps allow easy resizing and cropping to meet Spotify’s requirements without compromising on image quality.

Can other users on Spotify see when I change my username or profile picture?

Yes, changes to your display name or profile picture are reflected immediately across the platform. Friends and other users will see your new username or picture next time they visit your profile, helping you manage your online identity in real-time.

Is it possible to change my profile picture to something other than a photo, like a logo?

You can choose to set a logo as your profile picture as long as it adheres to Spotify’s content guidelines. This allows for a wide range of personalization options, whether you’re branding a profile for your personal playlists or representing an artist or podcast.

Can changing my username or profile picture help in gaining more followers on Spotify?

A unique and memorable display name and an eye-catching profile picture can indeed help make your Spotify profile more attractive to other users. This visibility can increase your chances of gaining followers, especially if you share and promote your playlists effectively.

Can I revert to my old Spotify username or profile picture if I change my mind?

Yes, you can revert to any previous username or profile picture by manually changing them back. Spotify doesn’t save your history of usernames or pictures, so you’ll need the old name typed out or the picture file handy.

Will changing my profile picture on Spotify affect my playlists?

Altering your profile picture has no effect on your saved playlists, followers, or music library. It strictly changes how your profile is viewed by others, allowing you to update your visual identity while keeping your content intact.

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