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Microsoft Enhances Notepad with Spell Check and Autocorrect Features

Microsoft is upgrading Notepad with spell check, autocorrect, and a customizable exception list.


Microsoft has unveiled plans to significantly upgrade the default text editor in Windows 10 and 11, Notepad, by introducing proofreading capabilities. The update, which is still under development, aims to equip Notepad with spell check and autocorrect functionalities, enhancing its utility for users. The discovery of these upcoming features was made by a user known as @phantomofearth, highlighting Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to improve its software offerings.

Details of the Upcoming Features

The forthcoming update for Notepad is set to include a spell checker that can highlight misspelled words and suggest corrections. Additionally, when the spell checker is activated, Notepad will automatically correct typos. Microsoft is also planning to allow users to configure an exception list, detailing which file types the built-in spell checker should ignore. The default list of file types exempt from spell checking includes txt, md, srt, ass, lrc, and lic. It remains unclear whether users will have the capability to add other formats to this list.

User Experience and Software Evolution

In anticipation of these new features, Microsoft has also revamped Notepad’s Settings page, introducing neat animations and organizing the page into three distinct categories: Appearance, Text Formatting, and Opening Notepad. This redesign follows the discontinuation of WordPad, Windows’ former default rich-text editor, positioning Notepad to become a more versatile tool with capabilities such as tab support, text formatting, and session saving.

Despite the excitement surrounding these enhancements, some users express concerns that the addition of new features might compromise Notepad’s simplicity and reliability as a basic text editor. However, Microsoft’s initiative to evolve Notepad suggests a commitment to providing users with a more functional and efficient editing tool.

As of now, the spell check and autocorrect features are not available for public testing, and their activation requires specific, undisclosed software adjustments. Microsoft is expected to roll out these updates to Windows Insiders in the near future, marking a significant step in Notepad’s evolution.

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