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Mojang Launches Marketplace Pass: A New Subscription Model for Minecraft

Minecraft launches $3.99/month subscription "Marketplace Pass" for access to premium content, skins, textures, and world expansions.


Mojang, the developer studio owned by and known for the creation of the popular sandbox game , has announced the launch of Marketplace Pass, a subscription service designed to enhance the gaming experience for Minecraft players. Priced at $3.99 per month, the service is now available and comes with a 30-day free trial to allow players to explore its benefits.

Marketplace Pass: A New Way to Access Premium Content

Marketplace Pass builds upon the existing Marketplace feature in Minecraft, which offers a mix of free and paid additional content for the game. Subscribers to Marketplace Pass gain access to over 150 premium content items, carefully curated by Mojang. The selection includes a variety of player skins, texture packs, and full downloadable content (DLC) expansions. Mojang emphasizes that the content is designed to cater to different playstyles, offering story-driven adventures, combat challenges, parkour skills enhancement, puzzle-solving experiences, and visual transformations for the Minecraft world. All content is created by the Minecraft community's talented creators, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience for subscribers.

Regular Updates and Exclusive Benefits

Mojang commits to regularly updating the content available to Marketplace Plus subscribers, mirroring the approach of the Xbox Game Pass, which periodically adds and removes games. Each month, a new set of Character Creator items will be released exclusively for subscribers. These items, once claimed, remain with the players even if they choose to cancel their subscription. It's important to note that Marketplace Pass is compatible with Minecraft: Bedrock Edition across all supported devices with a Microsoft Account. However, the service is not currently available for Minecraft on Kindle Fire tablets or the Minecraft Java Edition.

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