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Microsoft Teams Integrates Personal and Work Accounts into Single Application

Microsoft is merging Teams personal and work accounts into one app for easier switching. This rollout starts in April


Microsoft is planning the introduction of a unified version of its Microsoft Teams application, designed to allow users to easily switch between personal and work accounts. This significant update, aimed at commercial users, is set to commence its rollout in April. The integration into a single application comes as a response to user feedback, which highlighted the preference for a more streamlined experience. Microsoft’s initiative will enable Teams users to manage multiple tenants and account types without the need to juggle between different applications.

Account Switching and Meeting Access Improvements

The forthcoming version of Microsoft Teams will feature an account switcher, conveniently located within the profile section, facilitating effortless transitions between personal and work accounts. Future updates promise even greater flexibility, allowing users to select the desired account when joining a meeting link and providing the option to join meetings without signing in. This development aims to simplify user interaction with the Teams platform, making it more intuitive and efficient.

Notification and Taskbar Integration Enhancements

Microsoft is also focusing on improving the notification system within Teams. Users will benefit from enhanced clarity regarding the origin of notifications, with personal notifications offering more detailed actions directly from the banner. Additionally, the new Teams app will support launching personal and work accounts with separate icons on the taskbar. This move is expected to eliminate the confusion and inconvenience associated with having to install and operate separate applications for different account types.

Streamlining Teams for Windows Users

In line with its strategy to simplify the Teams experience, Microsoft plans to phase out the Microsoft Teams (free) app, migrating all users to the unified Teams application. This change is part of a broader update to Windows 11, version 24H2, slated for release later in the year. The integration signifies Microsoft’s commitment to refining its software ecosystem, ensuring that Teams operates seamlessly across personal and professional domains.

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