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Microsoft Teams Gets a New Planner App with Advanced Features

Microsoft's new Planner app for Teams is now in public preview. It combines To Do, Planner, and Project tasks into a single app


has officially launched a public preview of its new Planner app for Teams during the Ignite conference in November 2023. This innovative app is now accessible for users whose subscriptions encompass Planner and whose admins have enabled access to public preview apps. The Planner app aims to streamline by consolidating features from Microsoft's To Do, Planner, and Project for the web apps into a single, more efficient tool.

Features and Functionality

At its core, the new Planner app simplifies project management and task tracking by offering a unified list of plans that were previously scattered across multiple applications. A notable addition is the “My Tasks” view, designed to aggregate all user tasks in one location. This view is enhanced with filters and search capabilities, making it easier for users to navigate their plans. The “My View” feature further integrates tasks from both basic and premium plans, as well as tasks from other Microsoft applications such as Loop, Teams, and emails, into a single pane.

The introduction of a premium plan brings additional features to the table, including access to Copilot, which facilitates querying about project tasks and more. The premium features extend to Goals, People, and Timeline views, among others, enriching the app's functionality and user experience.

Upcoming Enhancements and Availability

Microsoft has announced that further enhancements to the Planner app are on the horizon, promising to introduce capabilities such as upgrading from basic to premium plans directly within the app and the ability to transfer tasks from “My Day” and “My Tasks” to specific plans. While the exact date for the app's transition to general availability remains unspecified, the current public preview offers a glimpse into the future of task management within .

The Planner app's integration signifies Microsoft's ongoing commitment to improving productivity and . By merging the capabilities of its existing task management applications into a single, comprehensive solution, Microsoft aims to offer a more streamlined and efficient experience for Teams users. With the public preview now available, users can explore the new features and provide feedback, shaping the future development of the app.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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