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Microsoft Leads New TRAIN Consortium to Bolster AI in Healthcare

Microsoft launches Trustworthy & Responsible AI Network (TRAIN) to improve healthcare AI. TRAIN focuses on sharing best practices


has unveiled the creation of the Trustworthy & Responsible AI Network (TRAIN), a pioneering initiative aimed at enhancing the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) within the sector. As the appointed technology ally, Microsoft is joining forces with an assemblage of leading healthcare companies to forge this consortium. These founding healthcare organizations commit to developing and implementing policies that ensure the responsible use of AI technologies across healthcare operations and patient care.

Strategic Aims and Actions

The consortium's primary goal is to elevate the quality, safety, and reliability of in healthcare. To this end, TRAIN focuses on various strategic efforts, including the sharing of best practices among members, facilitating the registry of AI applications used in clinical settings, and providing metrics to gauge the outcomes of AI implementation. Furthermore, the initiative seeks to create a national AI outcomes registry. This federated database will allow participating organizations to share invaluable data and insights, thereby fostering a collaborative environment for continuous improvement and innovation in the implementation of AI in healthcare.

Innovative Solutions and Partnerships

In a significant move towards integrating AI into healthcare more seamlessly, Microsoft has been proactive in forming partnerships. An illustration of this commitment is their collaboration with Epic, a healthcare technology firm. The partnership revolves around utilizing Microsoft's Azure AI services to innovate features that could revolutionize current practices. These enhancements include summarizing healthcare professionals' notes effectively and employing AI to streamline manual tasks, ultimately saving time and resources. Moreover, in December 2023, Microsoft announced the private preview of the Azure AI Health Bot, . This service is expected to provide healthcare professionals with an AI-enabled chatbot capable of delivering accurate responses rooted in the local data of participating healthcare companies and esteemed organizations like the National Institutes of Health.

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