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Microsoft Viva Engage Expands with Articles Feature for Enhanced Employee Communication

Microsoft Viva Engage adds "Articles" for creating long-form content like blog posts and newsletters.


Microsoft has announced the introduction of a new feature to its Viva Engage platform, designed to cater to the demands for more comprehensive content creation capabilities within enterprises. The Articles feature provides a versatile tool for employees and leaders to create longer-form content similar to blogs, enabling richer communication within a corporate environment.

Articles: A New Avenue for Communication

Responding to user feedback calling for the ability to publish longer posts, the Articles feature allows for the creation of content that surpasses the previously short post limitations. This addition is poised to transform the way companies share knowledge, updates, and engage with their employees on the Viva Engage platform, which serves as a social network for businesses. Articles can serve various uses, from hosting significant announcements and guidelines to keeping employees informed with newsletters and client updates.

Employees can now enrich their articles with videos and rich media, making the sharing of information not only more comprehensive but also more engaging. The feature supports viewing across different devices and platforms, including mobile devices, emails, and Microsoft Teams, ensuring that content is accessible to all employees, irrespective of their preferred communication channel.

Advanced Features and Support

Along with the introduction of Articles, Microsoft has emphasized the availability of analytical data for authors post-publication, allowing for better understanding and optimization of content based on reader engagement. The community aspect of Viva Engage is also enhanced, as employees can interact with the content through likes, comments, and shares, fostering a more interactive and engaging corporate community.

Leaders within organizations can utilize the Articles feature for periodic updates such as weekly blogs or monthly newsletters. These updates can be seamlessly integrated into Outlook and Teams through storyline announcements or community announcements, enriching the communication landscape within companies.

For those seeking assistance in crafting or refining their articles, Microsoft introduces the Copilot digital assistant within Viva Engage. This tool is engineered to assist users in drafting articles, offering suggestions, and improving existing drafts, thereby simplifying the content creation process for company employees.

The introduction of the Articles feature is now accessible to all Microsoft 365 business users with a Microsoft Viva or Employee Communications and Communities license. As companies continuously seek more effective ways to engage with their employees, the new Articles feature in Microsoft Viva Engage represents a significant step forward in facilitating deeper and more meaningful communication within enterprises.

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