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Microsoft Unveils Azure Sphere OS 24.03 for Public Evaluation

Microsoft releases Azure Sphere OS 24.03 for evaluation, fixing bugs including the one causing 23.10 recall.


has made the Azure Sphere OS version 24.03 available for public evaluation on the Retail Eval feed, marking a significant update to its -based microcontroller operating system. This new version comes after the previous release, version 23.05, and addresses a range of bug fixes and security updates. Notably, it includes a correction for an issue that led to the recall of version 23.10 last year. Developers and users now have a 28-day period to test their applications and devices with the latest OS before it undergoes a broader release.

Key Updates and Compatibility Recommendations

The latest iteration of Azure Sphere OS brings an updated version of the cURL transfer tool, a utility widely used for transferring data with URLs. Microsoft notes that the operation of cURL-multi has undergone some changes, particularly regarding recursive calls. Despite efforts to maintain backward compatibility for applications compiled against previous versions, the company advises users to thoroughly test their applications to ensure their proper function under the new OS version. Microsoft emphasizes the importance of focusing on cURL-multi's behavior during the evaluation phase to avoid potential issues in production environments.

Background and Future Implications

Released to the public in February 2020, OS represents Microsoft's first foray into a Linux kernel-based operating system, and its second venture into Unix-like systems following the now-defunct Xenix. The development and release of Azure Sphere OS underscore Microsoft's ongoing commitment to security and broadening its technology ecosystem to include Linux-based solutions. This latest update not only addresses key security and functionality concerns but also reaffirms Microsoft's dedication to backward compatibility and long-term support. As Azure Sphere continues to evolve, it plays a crucial role in Microsoft's strategy to offer secure and versatile solutions for IoT devices and beyond.

For those interested in exploring the Azure Sphere OS feeds or setting up an evaluation device group, Microsoft provides dedicated resources to facilitate these processes. Further general information about Azure Sphere OS and its capabilities can be found on its official website, reflecting Microsoft's transparency and support for developers and users alike.

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