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Roblox Clarifies Its Stance on Linux and Steam Deck Compatibility Amid User Concerns

Roblox claims compatibility issues with Linux and Steam Deck are unintended side effects of their improved anti-cheat system


The popular online gaming platform Roblox has been reported to stop attempts to run on , including on devices like the Steam Deck, due to compatibility issues with Wine, a tool allowing Windows games to operate on Linux. Despite these challenges, Roblox asserts that there has been no deliberate action on their part to prevent the game from operating on these systems. As of March 2, 2024, the company emphasized that no changes have been made explicitly to block Linux or Steam Deck users.

Behind the Anti-Cheat Efforts

Roblox's spokesperson, Samantha Spielman, highlighted that the company has been enhancing its Hyperion anti-cheat system, which could have unintentionally affected the compatibility with Linux and Steam Deck. This advancement in their anti-cheat measures might have led to the incompatibility with workarounds like Vinegar and Grapejuice that Linux users previously relied on. Roblox had, for some time, unofficially supported Wine but had to reconsider this after detecting misuse related to cheating within the game. The developer community had expressed disappointment over this misuse, which compromised efforts to maintain unofficial support for Linux.

The Broader Implication of Anti-Cheat Systems

The has observed a trend where major games are developing custom anti-cheat systems to address the increasingly sophisticated methods employed by cheaters. Roblox's move aligns with concerns similar to those voiced by CEO Tim Sweeney regarding Fortnite's compatibility with Steam Deck, underscoring the complexity of maintaining game integrity across diverse and platforms. This incident sheds light on the ongoing challenge game developers face in balancing broad platform support with the need to safeguard against cheating, impacting a segment of the gaming community that relies on Linux-based systems for gaming.

Roblox's stance suggests a commitment to improving game security, even as it affects the compatibility with certain operating systems and platforms. The situation remains a poignant example of the broader challenges and considerations involved in anti-cheat efforts in the gaming industry.

Recent AI Driven Real-Time Translation

Last month, Roblox introduced real time translation powered by AI. Roblox is addressing communication barriers on its platform with a new translation service that supports 16 languages. This feature allows players to instantly convert messages into their native language, fostering smoother communication across its diverse user base.

This addition is particularly relevant considering the platform's global reach. With 70 million daily active users and over 2.4 billion messages exchanged daily across 180 countries, Roblox estimates that roughly a third of these conversations involve users who don't share a common language. The translation service aims to bridge this gap and enhance the overall experience for players worldwide.

SourceThe Verge
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