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Meta to Shut Down Oculus Accounts, Urges Migration to Preserve Purchases

Meta is deactivating all Oculus accounts on March 29, 2024. Users must migrate to Meta accounts to keep games, purchases, and progress.


Meta has officially announced that all existing Oculus accounts will be deactivated by March 29, 2024. This action will render any applications, in-app purchases, and store credits irretrievable. Users who have not yet transitioned their accounts to Meta will also lose their achievements, friends lists, and any content created under their account. The move is part of Meta's continued efforts to streamline its user account system, following the initial requirement in 2020 for new Oculus device users to register with a account, and the subsequent introduction of Meta accounts in 2022 as an alternative.

Meta purchased Oculus in 2014 when the company was one of the first leaders in virtual reality and mixed reality. Oculus has helped Meta become a major name in the Augmented Reality space, with technology from the company informing the Meta Quest devices and the Metaverse

Migration Process and Deadlines

The deadline for Oculus account holders to migrate to Meta accounts has been set for March 29, 2024. Users can initiate the migration process by signing up for a Meta account using the same email associated with their Oculus account. This process ensures that users retain access to their previously purchased games, data, and other acquisitions from their Oculus account. The transition was made necessary after Meta ceased Oculus account logins in January 2023, pushing users towards adopting Meta accounts for a unified user experience across .

Clarifications and Confusions

Upon the announcement, there appeared to be some confusion among users who had already migrated their Oculus accounts to Meta, questioning the necessity of further actions. In response, Meta has been contacted for additional clarity regarding the migration process and whether additional steps are required for users who have already transitioned to Meta accounts. The company's proactive communication aims to ensure a smooth transition for all affected users, emphasizing the importance of completing the migration process before the deadline to avoid potential loss of digital content and credits.

Oculus users are advised to promptly migrate their accounts to prevent any disruptions to their virtual reality experience. The shift from Oculus to Meta accounts marks a significant step in Meta's broader strategy to unify its platform ecosystem, enhancing overall user engagement and simplification of account management.

SourceThe Verge
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