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GitHub Copilot Chat Joins Microsoft’s Azure Migrate for Enhanced Code Assessment

Microsoft improved their .NET migration tool by integrating GitHub Copilot Chat. This provides developers with personalized advice on migration issues


has recently announced the integration of GitHub Copilot Chat with its Azure Migrate application and code assessment tool, launched earlier this year, designed for migrating on-premises .NET applications to Azure. This update aims to simplify the migration process, identifying issues that need to be addressed and providing tailored guidance to developers.

Streamlining the Migration Process

The Azure Migrate tool is engineered to assess .NET source code, configurations, and binaries. It serves to pinpoint existing or potential issues which might emerge when applications are moved to Azure, focusing on enhancing performance, scalability, and security using cloud-native solutions. A key feature of this tool is its capacity to estimate the effort required for each fix, further linking to Microsoft's documentation for quick resolution.

With the incorporation of GitHub Copilot Chat, the tool offers customized advice on handling identified challenges. Upon viewing the report dashboard, users will find a list of recommended next steps, coupled with an option to initiate a conversation with Chat, provided the relevant extension is installed in . This feature promises to digest the report, emphasizing critical issues and conversing on strategies for resolution.

Adoption and Accessibility

For developers to leverage this newly added feature, they must have the Chat extension installed within Visual Studio. Further details and installation guidance can be found in the Visual Studio Marketplace. It's important to note that while GitHub Copilot does offer a trial, continued access requires a subscription.

This progression in Azure Migrate enriches the application and code assessment platform, making the process of fixing issues and migrating applications to Azure more efficient. By integrating GitHub Copilot Chat, Microsoft lifts some of the burdens off developers, guiding them towards a smoother transition to .

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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