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Microsoft Rolls Out Feature-Rich Windows 11 Update

Windows 11 update brings AI-powered features like object removal in Photos, voice commands, and improved multitasking.


has commenced the deployment of an update to introducing an array of enhancements and new functionalities, including an advanced feature, a Generative Erase option in Photos, Voice Shortcuts for better accessibility, improved Snap layouts, and updates to the Widget system.

Enhanced Copilot and AI Features

The standout feature of this update is the enriched Copilot functionality, which now offers users an increased level of control over their PCs. New capabilities being gradually introduced include enabling battery saver mode, launching accessibility features such as Narrator and Magnifier, showcasing available Wi-Fi networks, checking storage space, and facilitating the emptying of the recycling bin. Additionally, the Photos application receives an AI-powered boost with the Generative Erase feature, which effortlessly removes undesired objects from images, a capability akin to those found on devices by and Samsung. Microsoft's video editor, Clipchamp, is also getting an upgrade with an option to edit out awkward silences in videos.

Snap Layouts and Widget System Improvements

Improvements to Snap layouts will now remember frequently used app combinations, offering layout suggestions for a more streamlined multitasking experience. The Widget system's integration with Microsoft's Digital Markets Act commitment brings enhanced interoperability, allowing for third-party content sources like Google News to potentially create plug-ins for the Widget board. This move also includes the ability to disable the feed, thus addressing the long-standing issue of undesirable news content in widgets.

Accessibility and Connectivity Enhancements

Windows 11's accessibility features have seen significant improvements, including Voice Shortcuts for voice access, which permits the creation of custom voice commands for automating tasks. Enhancements to Windows Ink allow for direct writing into text boxes with a stylus across a wide array of apps. The update also brings improvements to the built-in casting feature and Nearby Share, offering faster transfer speeds and user-friendly device identification for content sharing. The Phone Link system now supports using an phone as a webcam and provides easier access to recent photos from linked devices.

Compliance and Availability

In alignment with the European Union's Digital Market Act, Microsoft is implementing changes that include allowing users to remove Cortana and select their preferred search provider for . These features are set to start rolling out in February's optional non-security releases. Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft's Executive Vice President and Consumer Chief Marketing Officer, emphasized the company's commitment to closely monitor the rollout and communicate timely information regarding the update's progress and any known issues through the Windows release health dashboard and @windowsupdate.

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