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Microsoft’s Windows 11 22H2 to Receive Extended Feature Updates

Microsoft extends preview updates for Windows 11 22H2. Home/Pro users get updates until June 2024, Enterprise versions until June 2025.


Microsoft has revised its update schedule for Windows 11 22H2, extending the period for non-security preview updates beyond the initially planned cessation date. The decision, influenced by user feedback, aims at providing users with ongoing access to the company’s latest innovations for an extended period. Unlike the customary practice, the announcement arrived unexpectedly on the date the final non-security update was initially slated for release.

New End Dates for Updates

According to the newly released plan, Windows 11 22H2 editions, including Home, Pro, Pro Education, and Pro for Workstations, will now receive non-security preview updates until June 26, 2024. This marks a substantial extension, offering users additional time to experience Microsoft’s new features. The support for Enterprise, Education, IoT Enterprise, and Enterprise multi-session editions has been extended even further, with an end date of June 24, 2025, allotted for these versions.

Continued Security Support

While the non-security feature updates see a considerable extension, Microsoft also outlines the future of security support for Windows 11 22H2. Post the new cut-off dates for feature updates, all versions of Windows 11 22H2 will continue to receive monthly security updates. The support for Home and Pro versions will conclude on October 8, 2024. In contrast, Enterprise, Education, and Windows 11 IoT Enterprise editions will continue to receive security updates until October 14, 2025, ensuring sustained protection against vulnerabilities for a prolonged period.

The decision to extend the update period reflects Microsoft’s responsiveness to user feedback, suggesting a commitment to tailoring their support lifecycle to meet users’ needs and preferences. While Microsoft has occasionally adjusted support timelines in the past, the timing of this announcement—coinciding with the originally scheduled end of updates—underscores a perhaps evolving approach to managing software lifecycles. This extension allows Windows 11 22H2 users to benefit from continuous innovation and feature enhancements, ensuring their systems remain up-to-date with the latest functional improvements while still under official support.

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