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How to Mute Someone on Discord via Server Mute or Message Mute

We show you how to mute people on Discord, just someone particular or everyone on a Discord server, and how you can mute messages on Discord.


is a popular platform for online communication, especially for gamers, streamers, and communities. If you use Discord frequently, you may sometimes encounter someone who is annoying, rude, or abusive, and you want to mute them so you don't have to hear or see their messages. In this guide we show you how to mute someone on Discord, via server mute or message mute both on the desktop and mobile app. We also show you how you can mute a whole server, if you have the necessary rights.

Discord's mute function is a godsend for those moments when you need a reprieve from specific users, be it their vocal contributions in a voice channel or a barrage of messages that keep your notifications buzzing. It's a feature designed with user convenience in mind, ensuring that your digital interactions remain as smooth and enjoyable as possible. And the best part? Muting is discreet. The muted individual isn't notified, ensuring that feelings remain unhurt and conversations undisturbed.

In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the simple steps to mute someone on Discord, ensuring you have the tools to tailor your communication experience to your liking. Whether you're using the desktop application or the mobile version, we've got you covered. Let's dive in.

Discord Server Mute vs. Discord Message Mute

There are two ways to mute someone on Discord: Using a server mute or a direct message mute. A server mute means that you will not hear or see the messages from that person on a specific server or you as an admin mute the whole server for everyone. A direct message mute means that you will not receive notifications from that person when they send you a direct message.

How to Server Mute Someone on Discord (PC)

Navigating the bustling channels of a Discord server can sometimes be accompanied by disruptive noises or unwanted interruptions. The ‘Server Mute' feature on PC allows server administrators or those with the necessary permissions to silence a specific user for everyone in the server, ensuring a harmonious environment for all participants.

  1. Select your Discord server and head to “Voice Channels”
    Windows 11 - Discord - Voice Channnel
  2. Right-click the Discord user you want to mute and select “Mute”
    Windows 11 - Discord - Voice Channnel - Mute User

How to Mute Someone on Discord Mobile

In today's mobile age, many of us use Discord on-the-go. Whether you're commuting or just lounging on your couch, there might be moments when you wish to mute someone to avoid distractions. This section will guide mobile users through the steps to mute a user's voice, ensuring a peaceful chat experience no matter where you are.

  1. Select your Discord server and head to “Voice Channels”
    Android - Discord App - Server - Channel Voice
  2. Tap the Discord user you want to mute
    Android - Discord App - Server - Channel Voice - User
  3. Tap the name of the user again
    Android - Discord App - Server - Channel Voice - User
  4. Activate the mute switch
    Alternatively, you can also lower the volume using the slider.
    Android - Discord App - Server - Channel Voice - User - Mute

How to Mute Messages on Discord

While voice chats can be noisy, incessant message notifications can be equally distracting. If you're looking to focus on your tasks or simply need a break from the constant pings, this method will teach desktop users how to mute message notifications from specific users, allowing you to control the flow of your interactions.

  1. Click the Discord logo on the upper left to see direct messages
    Windows 11 - Discord - Discord Logo
  2. Right-click the Discord user you want to mute and select the timeframe
    To permanently mute the Discord user, select “Until I turn it back on”.
    Windows 11 - Discord - Discord Logo - Mute User

How to Mute Everyone on a Discord Server

Managing a large server can be challenging, especially when multiple members are active simultaneously. For moments when you need collective silence, whether it's for an announcement or to restore order, this section will guide desktop users on how to mute everyone in a server, ensuring a streamlined communication experience.

To do this, right-click the Discord server and select “Mute Server” and the timeframe. To permanently mute the Discord server, select “Until I turn it back on”.
Windows 11 - Discord - Server - Mute Server

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Discord Muting

What happens when I mute a server? Do I still receive direct messages from its members?

Muting a server primarily stops notifications for server activities, such as messages in channels, @mentions, and role pings. However, muting a server does not impact your direct message interactions. You will continue to receive and can respond to direct messages from individual members of the muted server. To manage distractions without missing out on important communications, consider customizing notification settings for specific channels within the server instead of muting the entire server.

Can I selectively mute notifications for certain types of activities on a server, like @mentions or role pings?

Yes, Discord allows granular control over notifications. By accessing the server settings and navigating to the “Notifications” section, you can adjust your preferences to mute specific types of server activity. For instance, you can choose to receive notifications only for direct mentions or completely mute role mentions and other notifications. This customization helps in managing the influx of notifications without completely isolating yourself from the server's activities.

Is there a quick way to toggle mute on and off for frequent adjustments, like during a gaming session?

For users who need to quickly mute and unmute themselves or others during activities like gaming, Discord offers the functionality to set custom keybinds. You can assign specific keyboard shortcuts for muting and unmuting within Discord's settings under the “Keybinds” section. This feature is especially useful during gaming or live discussions where you need to rapidly switch between muted and unmuted states without navigating through the app interface.

How can I mute someone in a voice channel without muting them entirely across the server?

To mute someone specifically in a voice channel without affecting their overall participation on the server, simply right-click their username in the voice channel list and select “Mute”. This action only mutes their voice for you in that particular channel. It's a temporary and personal setting, meaning the user can still interact in text channels and be heard by other members in the voice channel. This feature is handy in large voice channels where multiple conversations may happen simultaneously.

If I mute a server, will I miss any important announcements or messages?

When you mute a server, you're opting out of receiving regular notifications for messages and activities within that server. However, important announcements, especially those tagged as @everyone or @here, might still come through based on your notification settings. To ensure you don't miss out on crucial updates, regularly check the server manually or adjust your notification settings to allow for certain mentions to notify you.

Can a user tell if they've been specifically muted by someone else in a server?

Discord maintains user privacy by not notifying users when they are muted by someone else. The muted user will not experience any direct changes or restrictions in their ability to send messages or participate in voice channels. The muting is entirely client-side, affecting only the person who initiated the mute, which means the muted user can still engage with others in the server as usual.

How do I manage or view all the users I've muted on Discord?

Currently, Discord does not offer a centralized feature to view or manage all muted users across different servers and direct messages. You need to remember where you applied the mute settings or revisit individual chat settings and server lists to adjust or review your mute preferences. This can be a bit cumbersome for users who mute frequently, so keeping a mental or written note might help manage this better.

Is it possible to mute all roles in a server at once, or do I need to mute members individually?

Directly muting all roles at once isn't a feature provided by Discord. However, server admins can modify channel permissions to restrict speaking or messaging capabilities for certain roles, effectively “muting” members of those roles in specific channels. This approach requires adjusting permissions for each channel where you want the restrictions to apply, offering a way to manage the server environment without individually muting members.

How does server mute interact with Discord's permission system? Can muted users still participate in text channels?

Server mute typically affects a user's ability to participate in voice channels by preventing them from speaking. However, it does not directly restrict their ability to send messages in text channels unless specific text permissions are also adjusted. Server admins can further refine user permissions at the channel level to control who can send messages, ensuring that muted users can be restricted in text channels as well, if necessary. This allows for a nuanced approach to managing user interactions within the server.

Can I set a schedule for muting notifications from a server or user, like during work hours or at night?

Discord does not currently support automated scheduling for muting notifications. Users need to manually mute and unmute servers, channels, or direct messages based on their needs. For those seeking to minimize distractions during specific hours, third-party tools or operating system notification settings might offer alternative solutions, although they might not integrate seamlessly with Discord's functionality. Regular manual adjustment remains the most straightforward method within Discord itself.

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