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Nvidia Introduces Chat with RTX: A New Era of Personal AI Chatbots

This new AI chatbot analyzes documents, even YouTube videos, directly on your PC (no cloud!).


has unveiled its newest creation, Chat with RTX, a new AI chatbot designed to run directly on users' PCs. Available from February 13, 2024, this early version targets to provide personalized and localized AI functionalities. Compatible with RTX 30 or 40 series GPUs boasting at least 8GB of VRAM, Chat with RTX introduces a unique ability to analyze various forms of data without relying on cloud processing. This development showcases Nvidia's commitment to advancing AI technology and providing valuable tools for data analysis directly to the user's desktop.

Capabilities and Performance

Chat with RTX empowers users to leverage AI for summarizing and querying information from a wide range of documents, including feeding YouTube videos and personal documents into the system for detailed analysis. Highlights of its capability include efficiently searching video transcripts and summarizing the entire content, thus transforming how users interact with multimedia and textual data. This AI chatbot stands out for its speed and accuracy in extracting pertinent information from a bulk of data, aiding significantly in research and data verification tasks. Though it is still in its nascent stages with room for enhancement, its ability to quickly process and analyze data locally is already proving invaluable for journalists, researchers, and anyone in need of swift document analysis.

Technical Details and User Experience

The technological backbone of Chat with RTX involves a complex setup including a web server and instance, leveraging advanced AI models such as Mistral or Llama 2 processed through Nvidia's Tensor cores. Despite its remarkable capabilities, the application is a substantial 40GB download, and its operation can be resource-intensive, requiring around 3GB of RAM for the Python instance. This extensive setup, combined with a command prompt interface displaying real-time processing and error logs, marks it as an early developer demo rather than a polished consumer product. Users have experienced some challenges, such as inaccuracies in data retrieval and the limitations in memory for follow-up queries, indicating areas for future improvement.

Nvidia's Chat with RTX heralds a significant step towards personal and privacy-focused AI, moving away from cloud-dependent services and offering users control over their data analysis tools. While it currently exhibits the characteristics of an early-stage demo, its potential to revolutionize the interaction with and analysis of vast data sets on personal devices is undeniable. As Nvidia continues to refine this technology, Chat with RTX could well become an indispensable tool for a wide range of applications, from academic research to everyday information management.

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