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Microsoft SwiftKey Incorporates Copilot: A Leap Forward for On-The-Go AI Assistance

Microsoft replaces Bing AI with Copilot in SwiftKey, bringing a more powerful AI assistant directly to your keyboard.


In a decisive push towards integrating artificial intelligence into everyday applications, has announced the incorporation of into SwiftKey, its versatile keyboard app. Betanews reports the announcement is in a recent app update changelog. This development represents Microsoft's ongoing commitment to embedding AI across its product suite, promising to transform how users interact with their mobile devices. SwiftKey, renowned for its predictive text capabilities, now enhances user experience by integrating Copilot, following the discontinuation of Bing AI within the app.

From Bing AI to Copilot: Navigating Change

With the phase-out of Bing AI, Microsoft aims to provide a more robust and intuitive AI assistant within SwiftKey. The newly incorporated Copilot feature allows users to interact directly with an AI, posing queries and generating text across various formats and tones directly from their SwiftKey toolbar. Users benefit from the seamless transition to Copilot, marking a significant upgrade over the previously available Bing AI feature. Although initially met with mixed reactions, the move to Copilot signifies Microsoft's dedication to refining AI interaction on mobile platforms.

Exclusive to Android Users, with iOS Anticipation Growing

Currently available exclusively to users, the addition of Copilot to SwiftKey underscores Microsoft's strategy to gradually roll out AI enhancements across different platforms. iOS users are expected to gain access to this feature in the near future, broadening the reach of Microsoft's AI-driven innovations. This deployment aligns with Microsoft's broader vision of integrating Copilot functionality across its services and applications, demonstrating a significant investment in AI as a cornerstone of and user interaction.

In summary, Microsoft's integration of Copilot into SwiftKey represents a pivotal development in mobile AI utility. By replacing Bing AI with Copilot, SwiftKey users gain access to a more advanced and versatile assistant. Available presently for Android with plans to expand to iOS, this enhancement underscores Microsoft's commitment to , promising a more interactive and productive user experience across its digital ecosystem.

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