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Microsoft Designer Loses Its AI Brush Removal Feature: Users Disgruntled

Microsoft removes key AI feature from Designer app, sparks user outcry Tool allowed refinement of AI-generated images, users miss its functionality.


has recently made an important change to its Designer app by removing the AI-powered brush removal tool. There has been no announcement, with Microsoft opting to quietly kill the feature. This tool was instrumental in allowing users to refine their by eliminating any unwanted elements directly. Launched in 2023, the app gained considerable attention for its AI capabilities, necessitating a waitlist for access due to limited availability.

User Discontent Surfaces

As Windows Report points out, the removal has sparked considerable disappointment among the user base, which had grown accustomed to the functionality. platforms and forums like Reddit quickly became outlets for users expressing their dissatisfaction. One user lamented the loss of a tool that made it possible to remove extraneous elements from generated pictures, such as “extra fingers” or “texts describing characters floating on their heads.” Another speculated whether this feature might resurface as a part of the premium Copilot Pro offering.

Comparisons have been drawn with tools offered by other platforms like Canva, with some users suggesting that the brush removal tool in Microsoft Designer outperformed its competitors. This debate has led to speculation about whether Microsoft is planning to introduce a paid version of the Designer app as a strategic move to further enhance its position in the market of AI-powered design tools.

Speculations and Future Possibilities

The rationale behind the decision to remove this popular feature remains unclear, fostering a mix of speculation and anticipation for Microsoft's next move. While some users speculate on the introduction of a paid service, others consider the possibility that the removal aims to prevent misuse, particularly concerning the generation of deepfakes—an ethical stance that would align with growing concerns around digital content manipulation.

In the absence of an official explanation from Microsoft, the community awaits further clarification. This development sheds light on the broader implications of AI in creative and design processes, highlighting the delicate balance between innovation, user satisfaction, and ethical responsibility.

The tech giant, having already demonstrated a significant investment in AI through its partnership with , showcases its commitment to leading in AI functionality while navigating the challenges this frontier presents. As the situation develops, the decision's impact on Microsoft's relationship with its user base and position within the AI and design ecosystem remains to be seen.

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