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How to See How to See Liked Posts on Instagram

We show you how to see the posts you've liked Instagram to get an idea which topics and accounts you will see more frequently.


Likes are one of the most important features of . They can help you grow your account, discover more content, and learn more about yourself. But they can also have some drawbacks if you are not careful or mindful of what you like. That's why you should know how likes work on Instagram, what they mean for the content you will see, and why you might want to check which posts you have liked.

Likes are one of the factors that the Instagram algorithm uses to decide which posts to show you in your feed, on your explore page, and in your reels tab. The algorithm also considers other signals, such as your relationship with the poster, your interests, your activity, and the timeliness of the post. But likes are a simple and quick way for the algorithm to gauge how much you and other users enjoy a certain piece of content.

Why Instagram Likes Are So Important

The more likes a post gets, the more likely it is to be seen by a larger audience. This is because likes indicate that the post is engaging, relevant, and valuable to the users who see it. The algorithm then rewards the post by showing it to more people who might be interested in it, based on their preferences and behavior. This creates a positive feedback loop: more likes lead to more exposure, which leads to more likes, and so on. This means that if you want to grow your account, get more followers, or reach more potential customers, you need to get more likes on your posts.

When Instagram Likes Become a Problem

However, liking posts can also have some drawbacks. For example, if you like too many posts that are not relevant to your niche or audience, you might confuse the algorithm and end up seeing less of the content that matters to you. Or if you like posts that are controversial or inappropriate, you might attract unwanted attention or criticism from other users. Or if you like sponsored or promotional posts, you might see more ads or offers you are not interested in. That's why it might be a good idea to check which posts you have liked from time to time.

How to See Liked Posts on Instagram

  1. Tap your Instagram account profile picture
    Android - Instagram App - Profile Icon
  2. Tap on the menu button on the top right
    Android - Instagram App - Profile Icon - Menu
  3. Select “Your activity”
    Android - Instagram App - Profile Icon - Menu - Your Activity
  4. Tap on “Interactions”
    Android - Instagram App - Profile Icon - Menu - Your Activity - Interactions
  5. Select “Likes”
    Android - Instagram App - Profile Icon - Menu - Your Activity - Interactions - Likes
  6. Revise your Instagram likes
    Per default, your Instagram likes will be shown as a list of posts sorted from the newest on top to the oldest at the bottom. You can tap “Sort&filter” to then refine the summary of your Instagram likes if needed.
    Android - Instagram App - Profile Icon - Menu - Your Activity - Interactions - Likes - Result

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Liked Posts on Instagram

Can I see who else liked a specific post on Instagram?

You can see who else has liked a post by tapping on the number of likes below the post. If the post has been liked by many users, Instagram will show a list of names, including people you follow, with a button to view all likes. However, for posts with a large number of likes, Instagram might only display a few names followed by the number of others who liked the post. You won't be able to see the full list if the number is exceedingly high.

How can I quickly find a post I remember liking without scrolling through my entire likes history?

Although Instagram does not provide a direct search function within your likes, you can use the “Sort&filter” option to narrow down the list by time frame, such as the most recent likes or a specific period when you might have liked the post. This method can make it easier to locate specific posts without manually scrolling through your entire history.

If I change my mind, can I re-like a post I've unliked on Instagram?

Absolutely, if you've unliked a post by mistake or changed your mind, you can re-like it by tapping the heart icon beneath the post again. The action is instantaneous, and the like will be added back to the post, contributing to its total count.

What should I do if my liked posts are not loading or showing up on Instagram?

If your liked posts aren't appearing, start by refreshing the page. If that doesn't work, check your internet connection, restart the Instagram app, or try logging out and back into your account. Reinstalling the Instagram app can also solve more persistent issues by clearing corrupted data.

Is there a way to hide certain liked posts from my history without unliking them?

Instagram does not currently offer an option to hide liked posts from your history. The only way to remove a post from your liked posts list is to unlike it. Remember, your liked posts are private and can only be viewed by you.

How can I manage my likes to better influence the Instagram algorithm for my feed?

To tailor the Instagram algorithm to better suit your preferences, only like posts that truly resonate with you or align with your interests. This helps the algorithm understand your preferences and curate your feed with more relevant content. Avoid liking random or irrelevant posts, as this can confuse the algorithm and lead to a less personalized feed.

Can I see the liked posts of other users on Instagram?

Instagram has removed the feature that allowed users to view the liked posts of others to enhance privacy. Now, you can only see the number of likes a post has received and the names of mutual followers who have liked it. This change was made to focus on personal interactions and content rather than the activity of others.

Does Instagram notify users when I like and then unlike their post?

Instagram sends out notifications instantly when you like a post. If you quickly unlike the post, the notification might disappear from the user's notifications list, but there's a possibility that they might have already seen the notification, especially if they were actively using the app at that moment.

Can liking posts on Instagram lead to a shadowban or any restrictions?

Liking too many posts in a short period can trigger Instagram's spam detection mechanisms, potentially leading to temporary restrictions such as action blocks, where you're temporarily prevented from liking, commenting, or following. These measures are in place to prevent spam and abusive behavior. Consistent, genuine engagement within normal usage patterns should not lead to a shadowban, which is an unofficial term for when your content is hidden or less visible without notification.

Is there a feature to like multiple posts at once on Instagram?

Instagram requires users to interact with each post individually to ensure authentic engagement. There's no feature to like multiple posts simultaneously as this could encourage spammy behavior and diminish the quality of interactions on the platform.

Will using the ‘Sort&filter' feature on my liked posts affect how they appear in the future?

Using “Sort&filter” in your liked posts section only affects your current viewing session and does not permanently change the order or visibility of your liked posts. Each time you access your liked posts, they will default to the standard chronological order unless you adjust the settings again.

How can I use likes to discover new content or accounts on Instagram?

Engaging with content you enjoy by liking and exploring related posts and profiles can lead to discovering new accounts and content. Instagram's algorithm suggests content based on your interactions, so consistently liking posts that align with your interests will refine your Explore page and feed with similar content. Additionally, visiting the profiles of accounts you like and browsing their content can expand your network and content exposure.

If I like a post from a private account and then unfollow, will my like disappear?

Your like will remain on the post even after unfollowing the private account. However, since the account is private, you won't be able to see the post or your like unless you follow the account again and the account owner accepts your follow request.

Can I organize my liked posts into collections like I can with saved posts?

Instagram's current features allow you to save posts into collections for later reference, but this functionality does not extend to liked posts. If you want to keep track of specific posts, consider using the save feature and organizing them into collections.

If I deactivate my account, will my likes on other posts disappear?

When you deactivate your Instagram account, your likes are hidden along with your profile, and your interactions become invisible to others. Upon reactivating your account, all your previous likes and interactions will be restored and become visible again.

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