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Critical Issues Plague Windows 11’s New Preview Update but Users Told Not to Rollback

New Windows 11 update promises exciting features, but faces major installation issues with error codes and even crashes.


has announced a significant update to Windows 11 through its Canary and Dev channels with build 26052, promising enhanced functionality, including Registry Editor improvements, Hearing Aid Support, and the introduction of Sudo for Windows. The anticipation for this release was heightened by earlier discussions and confirmations of the Windows 11 24H2 feature update. Despite the high expectations, the implementation has encountered serious issues, affecting a broad user base.

However, the excitement has been tempered by a series of issues, including installation challenges, Green Screens of Death (GSOD), Sysprep failures, and most notably, potential data loss for Dev Drive users upon rollback. The Windows Insider Program, through a post dated February 9, 2024, emphasizes the risk of rolling back without prior backup, as it could result in broken Dev Drives and data loss.

Technical Difficulties Abound

Upon attempting to install the latest build, numerous users have faced considerable obstacles. Reports from Neowin's forum highlight that several members, including a long-standing contributor identified as theXfile, experienced difficulties with the build's installation process. Other users, including Xab and Tantawi, shared similar troubles. The common issue cited across these accounts is an installation failure, marked by the error code 0XC1900101. This problem is further complicated by instances of the Green Screen of Death (GSOD) presenting the “SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE” error message. Additionally, discussions on Feedback Hub have illuminated possible Sysprep compatibility problems, signified by the error code 0xC1900101 – 0x30018, where installations failed during the SYSPREP_SPECIALIZE operation in the FIRST_BOOT phase.

No Solutions in Sight Yet

As the Windows community grapples with these setbacks, Microsoft has yet to officially acknowledge the complications or propose a resolution. The emerging pattern of issues indicates a significant hurdle in the development and release cycle of updates, particularly concerning the build 26052. The update, originally designed to enrich the user experience with new features and improvements, now stands as a test of Microsoft's responsiveness to unforeseen challenges in .

Given the severity of these installation issues, users are advised to exercise caution before attempting to upgrade to the latest build. The anticipation for the feature update remains strong, yet the immediate focus shifts to resolving the present installation challenges to restore confidence in the update process and ensure the stability and reliability of Windows 11 for all users.

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