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How to Delete Instagram Messages (Delete Conversation or Unsend Instagram Messages)

We show you how to delete messages on Instagram by either unsending Instagram messages or deleting entire conversations/chats.


, as a key player in the world, often serves as a platform for a wide array of conversations. These exchanges, however, can sometimes result in a surplus of messages that may need to be deleted for a number of reasons. We've identified a few common ones here you might want to consider before showing you how to delete Instagram messages below.

Preserving Personal Privacy

The digital world demands a keen sense of personal security, particularly when it comes to sensitive information. Occasionally, Instagram conversations might involve sharing delicate details such as phone numbers, addresses, passwords, or even bank details. To prevent any potential misuse or inadvertent visibility, it can be vital to delete these messages, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

Message Organization

As your Instagram network grows, so too does the number of conversations. When your inbox becomes a cluttered mess of messages from various people and groups, it can be difficult to focus on the important ones. By deleting irrelevant or unimportant conversations, you can keep your messages organized and tidy, making your Instagram experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Preventing Uncomfortable Situations

It's an all too common scenario – an inadvertently sent message, a misjudged comment, or a regrettable outburst. These incidents can lead to discomfort or embarrassment. By deleting such messages, you can limit the potential fallout and even navigate your way out of awkward situations.

Facilitating Conversation Endings

Disagreements, fights, or even breakups are unfortunate reality of any social platform. Sometimes, you may find it necessary to delete conversations you no longer wish to continue or reminders of relationships you'd rather forget. Here, message deletion can act as a symbolic full stop to end things decisively and maintain your emotional well-being.

Optimizing Device Performance

From time to time, you might find your device or the Instagram app slowing down due to storage constraints. A simple solution to freeing up some space can often be found in the deletion of old or unnecessary messages. This digital spring cleaning enhances your device or app's performance and can also streamline your Instagram messaging experience.

In conclusion, deleting Instagram messages can serve many different purposes, from privacy protection to device optimization, avoiding embarrassment, ending conversations, and enhancing organization. Remember, your Instagram account is your digital space; managing it wisely can enhance your overall experience and ensure your peace of mind.

How to Delete Entire Conversations on Instagram

You can either delete an entire Instagram conversation with both your and your contact´s messages or only your own messages as shown in the method at the end. Follow the steps below to delete any Instagram chat completely.

  1. Tap the Instagram messages button on the top right
    Android - Instagram App - Messages Icon
  2. Press and hold the conversation you want to delete completely
    Android - Instagram App - Messages Icon - Press & Hold Message
  3. Select “Delete”
    Android - Instagram App - Messages Icon - Press & Hold Message - Delete
  4. Confirm by tapping on “Delete”
    This will delete all Instagram messages of both you and your contact which means the entire conversation history you have for this contact.
    Android - Instagram App - Messages Icon - Press & Hold Message - Delete - Confirm

How to Delete Your Own Individual Instagram Messages (Unsend Instagram Message)

If you want to keep an Instagram conversation and just delete some of your own messages, follow these steps. Technically this means unsending messages on Instagram as the message will disappear both for you and your contact.

  1. Tap the Instagram messages button on the top right
    Android - Instagram App - Messages Icon
  2. Tap on the contact name to open the conversation
    Android - Instagram App - Messages Icon - Message
  3. Press and hold the Instagram message you want to delete
    Android - Instagram App - Messages Icon - Message - Press & Hold on Message
  4. Select “Unsend message”
    Android - Instagram App - Messages Icon - Message - Press & Hold on Message - Unsend Message

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Deleting Instagram Messages

What happens if I accidentally unsend a message on Instagram?

Once a message is unsent, it's permanently removed from the conversation on both ends, with no way to retrieve it. The recipient might have seen the message before it was unsent, especially if they were actively using Instagram at the time. It's also important to note that unsending a message does not remove any screenshots the recipient might have taken.

Can I delete messages from Instagram Direct on a desktop?

The Instagram web version offers a more limited set of features compared to the mobile app. While you can view messages on the desktop version, the functionality to delete or unsend messages may not be as straightforward or available. For full messaging capabilities, including deletion, it's recommended to use the Instagram app on a mobile device.

Is it possible to delete all messages from all conversations at once?

Instagram does not support a feature to delete all messages from all conversations in a single action. You need to manually delete each conversation individually by pressing and holding the conversation and selecting “Delete“. This process can be time-consuming for users with a large number of conversations.

How can I prevent certain messages from being deleted in a conversation?

Currently, Instagram does not offer a feature to lock or save specific messages within a conversation to prevent their deletion. If you wish to keep certain messages, you might consider taking screenshots or saving the information outside of Instagram. However, remember to respect privacy and consent when saving or sharing conversations.

Does Instagram have a feature to automatically delete old messages?

As of now, Instagram does not automatically delete old messages. Users need to manually manage their messages and delete any they no longer wish to keep. For messages you want to disappear after being seen, consider using Vanish Mode in a direct message, where messages disappear after the recipient has seen them and closed the chat.

Can the other person still see a screenshot of the message if I unsend it?

If the recipient took a screenshot of your message before you unsent it, they would retain the screenshot even after the message is removed from the conversation. Instagram does not notify users of screenshots taken in most parts of the app, so you might not know if someone has saved a message this way.

Are deleted messages still stored on Instagram's servers?

Deleted messages may be retained on Instagram's servers for a short period for operational purposes, but they're not accessible to users. In certain cases, such as legal investigations, Instagram might retrieve deleted data, but this is generally not something users can request or access.

How can I delete messages from a group chat without leaving the group?

You can unsend individual messages that you have sent in a group chat, and they will be removed for all members of the chat. However, there is no option to delete the entire chat without either leaving the group or asking all members to delete the chat on their end.

What's the difference between ‘Unsend' and ‘Delete' on Instagram?

Unsend” is used to remove a specific message you've sent from the conversation for both you and the recipient. “Delete“, on the other hand, removes the entire conversation from your inbox but does not affect the conversation on the recipient's end. Unsending is useful for retracting a message, while deleting helps manage your inbox.

Can I set messages to automatically disappear after they are seen?

Yes, Instagram's “Vanish Mode” allows messages to automatically disappear after they've been seen and the chat is closed. This feature must be enabled manually for each conversation by swiping up in an existing chat. Remember, Vanish Mode only works in one-on-one chats and not in group conversations.

If I block someone, will our messages get deleted?

Blocking someone on Instagram does not delete the message history. The messages will remain accessible in your inbox, and you'll need to delete them manually if you don't want to keep them. However, once someone is blocked, they cannot contact you through messages until they are unblocked.

Can I delete a message before the other person sees it?

If you act quickly, you might be able to unsend a message before the other person sees it, especially if they are not currently active on Instagram. However, they might still receive a push notification of the message, which disappears once the message is unsent.

Is there a way to hide messages instead of deleting them?

Instagram does not currently offer a feature to hide messages within a conversation. Your options are limited to unsending individual messages or deleting entire conversations. For confidential messages that you might want to hide, consider using other secure messaging platforms that offer more privacy controls.

How do I delete Instagram messages without opening them?

You can delete a conversation from your inbox without opening it by swiping left on the conversation (for iOS) or pressing and holding it (for Android), then tapping the “Delete” option. This removes the entire conversation from your inbox without the need to open it and view its contents.

Can deleted Instagram messages be used in legal situations?

In certain legal situations, Instagram might be required to provide data, including deleted messages, if they are still stored on their servers and a valid legal request is made. However, this is typically beyond the control and access of regular users and falls under law enforcement and legal proceedings.

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