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Google’s Bard AI Rebranded as ‘Gemini’ and Introduced in New App

Google's AI chatbot is getting a makeover! Originally known as Bard, it's now called Gemini, aligning with the company's advanced AI models.


has unveiled the rebranding of its Bard AI chatbot, now known as Gemini, in alignment with the company's most advanced AI models. The updated version, termed Gemini Pro 1.0, has expanded its reach to encompass an impressive range of over 40 languages and is currently accessible in more than 230 countries globally.

The first integrations of Gemini in Bard started in December. Bard, which has functioned as an alternative to OpenAI's popular ChatGPT, has since been operating using Gemini Pro — the intermediate offering in the Gemini series.

Enhanced Accessibility of Gemini

Google has not only updated the chatbot's name but also launched a mobile application for Gemini specifically for users. This app can be utilized in lieu of Google Assistant and is designed to provide immediate access to Gemini's features through the “Hey Google” voice command that prompts a contextual overlay on the user's screen. Furthermore, Google asserts that Gemini maintains the full array of functionalities familiar to users, including tasks like setting reminders, making phone calls, and managing smart home devices.

For users on the iOS platform, owners can look forward to utilizing Gemini through Google's conventional application. The release of Gemini's Android application and corresponding updates for the iOS Google app is currently underway for customers in the United States, with plans for expansion to additional countries in the subsequent weeks.

Introduction of Gemini Advanced

Additionally, Google has announced the launch of a premium version of the chatbot, named Gemini Advanced. The company emphasizes that Gemini Advanced is powered by the “most capable state-of-the-art AI model,” Ultra 1.0, which boasts a sophisticated ability to handle complex tasks such as coding, creative problem-solving, and detailed conversations. Google positions Gemini Advanced as a service particularly adept at challenging assignments and extended interactions.

Gemini Advanced, which is offered in English, is now available in upwards of 150 countries. Similar to competitive offerings like 's Pro, it bears a price tag of $19.99 monthly. Notably, the premium service is bundled with the Google One subscription, which includes bonuses like 2TB of cloud storage on Google Drive. Google is also offering users an opportunity to trial the Google One AI Premium Plan at no cost for two months.

In an effort to explain the rebranding, Sissie Hsiao, VP and General Manager of Gemini and Google Assistant experiences, remarked on the evolution of the chatbot since its initial release. Hsiao highlighted the myriad ways in which individuals across the globe have engaged with the AI, from preparing for job interviews to generating visual content. With the rebranding to Gemini, the company aims to solidify the identity of its chatbot as a key player in the field of AI-assisted experiences.

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