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Windows 11 to Receive “Moment 5” as Interim Update Before Major Changes in Version 24H2

Microsoft ditches big updates for Windows 11, opting for "Moment" tweaks: February's "Moment 5" follows September's 22H2.


In a deviation from its traditional major update cycle, has adopted a phased approach to rolling out new features for . Internal sources reveal that the latest incremental update, referred to as “Moment 5,” is slated for release on February 27. This update, part of a series of gradual enhancements for , follows the “Moment 4” update which Microsoft introduced in September 2023.

The Nature of “Moment” Updates

The company's strategy of issuing “Moment” updates every few months underpins its commitment to improving the user experience with measured continuity. Unlike comprehensive feature releases, these incremental updates are intended to seamlessly refine the operating system without the need for users to perform significant installations. , for instance, did not diverge drastically from its predecessor, as users could apply it via an Enablement Package (EKB5027397), underscoring a minimalistic approach to upgrades.

Windows 11 24H2: The Next Major Leap Forward

Attention has already shifted toward the next substantial update, version 24H2, tentatively scheduled for September 2024. Hints of this forthcoming version emerged in a DMSA Group Policy document and were further substantiated in official Microsoft documentation. While expectations are moderated for “Moment 5,” the anticipation for version 24H2 suggests a suite of more notable enhancements and possibly transformative features that could significantly impact the Windows 11 landscape.

The discovery of the 24H2 update casts doubt on any early arrival of Windows 12. The industry had anticipated the new iteration of Microsoft's operating system, speculating that the time was ripe for its release. However, with confirmed, it appears Microsoft is not ready to phase out its current platform just yet.

Moreover, insider information from Qualcomm indicates that another major might be released mid-year. Nevertheless, specifics regarding this particular release remain elusive, leading to speculation within the tech community. Amidst these anticipatory updates, Microsoft has yet to officially confirm details, leaving observers to wonder about the potential implications for the Windows operating system as it evolves.

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