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Windows 11 to Receive 24H2 Update: Windows 12 Delay Implied

Windows 11 to get major "24H2" update with AI focus, delaying Windows 12. Update aims to extend Windows 11's life with new features


has unveiled plans to release an update for . References within company documentation have confirmed the existence of a “Windows 11 Version 24H2” installation, indicating a significant update is in the pipeline. Insights gathered from technical documents by WindowsLatest, specifically from the Process Status API header's support documentation, highlight Microsoft's intention to invest further in Windows 11 before considering a transition to a new operating system.

The Future of Windows 10 and AI Integration

As Microsoft gears up for this major update, Windows 10 is approaching the final phase of its lifecycle, with less than a year left before the end of support, not counting extended support options for an additional fee. Despite the attention now falling on Windows 11, its market share has yet to eclipse that of . In a bid to make Windows 11 more attractive to users, Microsoft is expected to heavily incorporate AI capabilities, thus reinforcing the need for newer hardware that can leverage these advances.

Implications for Windows 12

The discovery of the 24H2 update casts doubt on any early arrival of Windows 12. The industry had anticipated the new iteration of Microsoft's operating system, speculating that the time was ripe for its release. However, with Windows 11 24H2 confirmed, it appears Microsoft is not ready to phase out its current platform just yet. Once Windows 10 support ends and Windows 11 demonstrates the value-add of AI enhancements, the stage may then be set for a shift to whatever Microsoft has planned for the future—likely the eventual release of .

The 24H2 update represents Microsoft's ongoing commitment to evolve Windows 11, potentially extending its lifespan as the company's flagship OS. This strategy points to a phase centered around stability and gradual innovation, as opposed to the faster-paced generational shifts witnessed in previous years. Users and developers alike can anticipate new features, performance improvements, and a concentrated effort in AI integration, promising a refreshed Windows 11 experience in the near future.

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