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How to Delete Your Snapchat Account Permanently

We show you how to delete your Snapchat account permanently via web or your smartphone using Account Settings.


is one of the world's most popular social networking apps. More than 493 million Snapchat users share around 8,800 photographs each second. New filters, games, or features are constantly added to keep users engaged with Snapchat.

However, Snapchat's critics have grown in number in recent years. Many people are concerned about Snapchat's privacy policies and the quantity of personal data it saves and gathers. Furthermore, many people believe that the app has harmed their mental health, particularly during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Many long-term users don´t know that Snapchat has a bigger potential privacy problem than initially expected. It includes internal tools called SnapLion that were developed to access private device data in response to law enforcement inquiries. They cover anything from location data and stored photographs (Snaps) up to personal contact information.

If you no longer wish to use your Snapchat, it therefore is a good idea to completely delete your Snapchat account. Otherwise, your data might be used without explicit consent or hackers might gain access. Once a Snapchat account has been deleted, you can use the exact same registration details to create a new account if you decide to start from scratch.

What will happen when you delete your Snapchat Account?

A 30-day interim period begins the moment you finalize the procedure to delete your Snapchat account. You now have a little more than four weeks to change your mind if you decide to. Snapchat deletes the following data from its database after 30 days:

  • Account Configuration
  • Friends \ Snaps \ Chats
  • Stories
  • Data from the device Location data
  • Some of your personal information may stay in the Snapchat database for “some legal, security, and commercial purposes,” according to Snapchat.

How to Delete Your Snapchat Account on Your Computer

To delete your Snapchat account on a PC, you first need to access your Snapchat account via the web. Once you have entered your Snapchat credentials on the Snapchat login page, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the “Profile” icon at the top-left corner
    Windows 11 - Snapchat - Settings
  2. Click on “Account Settings” from the context menu options
    This step will take you to your Snapchat Account Settings in a new tab.
    Windows 11 - Snapchat - Settings - Account Settings
  3. In your Snapchat Account Settings, click on “DELETE MY ACCOUNT”
    Windows 11 - Snapchat - Settings - Account Settings - Delete My Account
  4. To confirm deleting your account, enter your Snapchat credentials and click “Continue”
    Windows 11 - Snapchat - Settings - Account Settings - Delete My Account - Continue
  5. Your account will be deactivated
    Once your account is deactivated, it will be deleted after 30 days of deactivation. You can reactivate your Snapchat account by logging in within 30 days of deactivation.
    Windows 11 - Snapchat - Settings - Account Settings - Delete My Account - Continue - Result

How to delete Your Snapchat account on your iPhone or Android

You can quickly delete your Snapchat account from your Smartphone through the following steps.

  1. Tap the “Profile” icon at the top-left corner
    Android - Snapchat App - Profile Icon
  2. In your Snapchat profile, tap “Settings” icon at the top right corner
    Android - Snapchat App - Profile Icon - Settings
  3. In your Snapchat Settings, tap “I Need Help”
    Android - Snapchat App - Profile Icon - Settings - I Need Help
  4. In the Snapchat Help section, tap “Managing My Account” on your screen
    Android - Snapchat App - Profile Icon - Settings - I Need Help - Managing My Account
  5. Under “Managing My Account”, select “Deleting or reactivating my account” from the options
    Android - Snapchat App - Profile Icon - Settings - I Need Help - Managing My Account - Deleting
  6. Tap on “How do I delete my Snapchat account?”
    Android - Snapchat App -Settings - Managing My Account - Deleting - Snapchat Account
  7. Tap the hyperlink that navigates to your Snapchat account portal, as shown in the picture
    Android - Snapchat App -Settings - Managing My Account - Deleting - Snapchat Account - Accounts Portal
  8. To confirm deleting the Snapchat account, enter your credentials and tap “Continue”
    Android - Snapchat App -Settings - Managing My Account - Deleting Snapchat Account - Accounts Portal - Continue

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Deleting Snapchat Accounts

What are the consequences of deleting my Snapchat account on my Snap Score?

Your Snap Score, which is a reflection of your activity on the app, will be permanently lost upon account deletion and cannot be recovered if you decide to create a new account later.

Will deleting my Snapchat account affect any associated third-party apps?

If you've used your Snapchat account to log in to third-party apps, you may lose access to those apps or need to find an alternative login method after your Snapchat account is deleted.

Can I delete my Snapchat account if I've forgotten my password?

You need to know your password to delete your account. If you've forgotten it, you'll need to use the password reset feature before proceeding with account deletion.

How do I ensure all my data is deleted after the 30-day period?

While Snapchat deletes most of your data after 30 days, some might be retained for legal reasons. You can contact Snapchat support for specific requests related to data deletion.

Is it possible to delete someone else's Snapchat account, such as a minor child's?

To delete an account belonging to someone else, such as a minor, you'll likely need to provide proof of guardianship and contact Snapchat support directly.

Can I back up my Snapchat memories before deleting my account?

Yes, you can save your Snapchat Memories to your device's camera roll or use the ‘Export Snap' feature for individual Snaps before deleting your account.

What happens to my public content, like Stories, when I delete my account?

Any public content, including Stories you've posted, will no longer be available to others once your account is deleted.

How can I remove my payment information from Snapchat before deleting my account?

Before deleting your account, go to ‘Settings‘ and then ‘My Account‘ to remove any saved payment information.

What should I do if I experience technical issues while trying to delete my account?

If you encounter technical difficulties, try clearing your browser's cache or using a different device. If issues persist, contact Snapchat support for assistance.

Can I delete my account to remove a Snapchat ban or suspension?

Deleting your account will not lift a ban or suspension. You'll need to address the reasons for the ban or suspension with Snapchat support.

Will deactivating or deleting my Snapchat account stop others from seeing a message I just sent?

No, once a message is sent, deactivating or deleting your account won't retract it. The recipient can still view the message until they delete it or it expires.

Is there a faster way to delete my Snapchat account without waiting for 30 days?

The 30-day period is a mandatory deactivation phase provided by Snapchat, and there's no official way to expedite the permanent deletion process.

How can I confirm that my Snapchat account has been permanently deleted?

After 30 days, you can attempt to log in with your old credentials. If the account is no longer accessible and you don't receive an email to reactivate, it's likely been permanently deleted.

Can I delete my account directly from the Snapchat app on my phone?

You must follow the steps to navigate to the account deletion page through the app's ‘Support‘ section, as direct account deletion options within the app settings might not be available.

What precautions should I take if I plan to return to Snapchat after deleting my account?

Consider saving any important Snaps, Memories, or contact information externally, as you'll be starting from scratch if you choose to return to Snapchat after your account is deleted.

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