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Unauthorized GitHub Access Puts Mercedes-Benz Intellectual Property at Risk

A Mercedes employee exposed a token granting access to company secrets, including code & internal documents.


Mercedes-Benz has confirmed the exposure of an internal token, leading to potentially unauthorized access to a subset of the company's repositories. The lapse was discovered on September 29, 2023, by researchers at RedHunt Labs who found the token in a public repository from a Mercedes employee. This access token did not provide entry to the full scope of code hosted on the internal GitHub server but did grant access to several repositories with proprietary information.

Source Code and Intellectual Property Risks

While customer data appears unaffected according to current analyses by Mercedes-Benz, the incident has raised concerns over the potential for reverse engineering of proprietary technologies and the targeting of vehicle systems by . Leaked information included database connection strings, cloud access keys, SSO passwords, and API keys, which could lead to service disruptions and unauthorized data siphoning from the company's infrastructure.

The revelation of internal documents can have serious implications for a company like Mercedes-Benz, known for its innovation and the integration of complex software systems in its vehicles. The company is also a long-standing partner or Microsoft, including in automotive AI integration. In an industry that relies heavily on intellectual property, such incidents can give competitors insight into company secrets or prompt malicious attempts to exploit vulnerabilities.

Response and Remediation Efforts

Following the discovery, Mercedes-Benz was alerted to the breach by RedHunt Labs and investigative journalists from TechCrunch. The company swiftly moved to revoke the compromised token and delete the exposed repository. The firm has also declared that it is carefully scrutinizing the situation and has laid out steps to further bolster its measures.

Mercedes-Benz indicates openness to collaboration with global security researchers and welcomes security disclosures through its vulnerability disclosure program, emphasizing its commitment to maintaining robust security protocols.

As digital infrastructures become increasingly integral to automotive operations, the industry faces mounting pressure to secure complex and often vulnerable networks against the sophisticated tactics employed by cyber adversaries. Mercedes-Benz's recent encounter serves as a reminder of the delicate balance that must be maintained when protecting proprietary data in a competitive and technologically advanced landscape.

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