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Microsoft Teams Premium Unveils AI-Powered Custom Backgrounds for Video Meetings

Microsoft Teams Premium users can now use an AI-powered feature to generate custom backgrounds during video meetings.


has announced that its AI-based feature for generating custom backgrounds within video meetings is now available to all Microsoft Teams Premium users. As of December 2023, the feature entered public preview and has since been integrated into Teams Premium. The blog highlights the feature enables users to digitally transform their physical meeting spaces without real-world alterations, enhancing online video interactions.

Revolutionizing Digital Interactions

The AI background generation feature, located in the “Video effects” and “Backgrounds” pane of Teams Premium, allows users to modify their video background in several ways. Users can utilize the AI to produce a tidier appearance by removing perceived clutter. Conversely, it's also possible to enrich the background with decorative objects, virtual plants, or festivity-themed items such as balloons and streamers.

For those seeking variety or unexpected visual twists, the “Surprise Me” mode offers a medley of choices. Microsoft describes the mode as a revolving door of themes including 2D animation, an underwater setting, a Minecraft-like block design, and an intergalactic space shuttle ambiance.

When users select “Generate backgrounds,” they can then choose from two options, regenerate for additional choices, or apply and save the preferred background for subsequent use. Microsoft incentivizes Teams Premium users to experiment with the new feature by offering a 30-day free trial. The company has also provided a cost-effective offer: a subscription to the feature before June 30th will be priced at $7 per user per month, increasing to $10 per user per month thereafter.

Cost and Availability

The sophisticated technology enables effortless customization for various professional and personal video call needs. It adds dynamism and personalization options that could enhance user engagement and meeting productivity. As of the feature's availability, Microsoft Teams Premium users have the opportunity to significantly elevate their experience and tailor their digital backdrops to match their preferred aesthetic or the theme of the meeting. With its competitive pricing strategy, Microsoft aims to make this innovative addition more accessible to its user base before the increase at the end of June.

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