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Microsoft Launches Revamped Desktop Version of Viva Connections to Bolster Workplace Experience

Viva Connections' desktop app upgrades: new look, features for better employee experience in Microsoft Teams.


has released a comprehensive update to the desktop version of Viva Connections, aiming to significantly improve the employee experience within . Available globally, this general release introduces a redesigned layout coupled with a suite of new features to enhance business utilization of the service.

New Layout and Features to Enhance Employee Experience

The updated interface features a distinctive ‘Hero' section, designed to prominently display company news to employees, fostering a more informed and engaged workforce. Furthermore, businesses can now utilize an expanded ‘Resources' section, which provides a customizable area for employees to access important company links accompanied by visually appealing icons.

A notable addition is the ‘Announcements ticker', placed at the top to highlight urgent and time-sensitive information – a function that Microsoft confirms will also be incorporated into the mobile version of Viva Connections. This feature ensures employees are immediately aware of critical updates, directly within the Teams environment.

As part of the redesign, the ‘Viva Suites' section has been strategically repositioned to the bottom of the desktop interface. This section smartly links users to the services they are licensed for, along with concise descriptions, thus streamlining work processes and knowledge acquisition.

Planned Improvements and Future Rollouts

Aside from the desktop enhancements, Microsoft discloses plans to improve the mobile experience of Viva Connections. These mobile-specific updates are slated for rollout in spring 2024, suggesting Microsoft's ongoing commitment to providing an integrated and robust employee experience across all devices.

Viva Connections, part of the larger Microsoft Viva platform, aims to serve as a gateway for employee engagement and internal communication. It extends the capabilities of Microsoft Teams, offering personalized content, tools, and conversations to help build a culture of inclusivity and connectivity in the workplace. The recent updates to Viva Connections underscore Microsoft's emphasis on fostering productivity through streamlined communications and resources, directly aligning with the growing needs of the modern workforce.

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