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Linux Creator Linus Torvalds Clashes with Google Engineer over Filesystem Inodes

Linux founder Linus Torvalds criticizes Google dev's suggestion on file system handling, sparking debate on inode usage.


Linus Torvalds, the founder of , has expressed his dissatisfaction with a suggestion made by a developer concerning the Linux kernel's handling of filesystem inodes. In a mailing list exchange, Torvalds pointed out the inefficacy of unique inode numbers, positing that relying on such an antiquated system hampers modern filesystem capabilities. He has emphasized the importance of moving away from this older method, focusing on adapting to contemporary filesystem technology.

Debate on Inode Implementation

The debate, centered on the necessity of unique inode identifiers for file archiving, has seen Torvalds and the Google developer Steven Rostedt engaged in heated discussion. Despite Rostedt's assertion that inodes ought to maintain unique identifiers for clarity, Torvalds has criticized this approach as overly complex and unnecessary. Asserting that the kernel should not be burdened with redundant features, he vocally admonished the continued copying of virtual file system (VFS) layer functions, a practice he regards as counterproductive.

Toward a More Stable Release

While the passionate discussions dominate the mailing list, Torvalds also announced the 6.8-rc2 release of the Linux kernel. This update follows concerns with the previous release candidate, which included an AMDGPU scheduling issue and a Btrfs bug that was identified and resolved prior to the release. Torvalds conveys a sense of optimism about the stability of the newest release, encouraging the community to engage in testing and assuring them of the kernel's reliability.

The Google developer admitted to a partial misunderstanding of the subject matter, leading Torvalds' feedback to skew towards suggesting alternatives that better align with his vision for the kernel's evolution. The conversation reflects the dynamic and occasionally contentious process of kernel development, wherein robust exchanges underscore the importance of technical precision and clear communication.

Amidst these developments, Rostedt hints at the pressures facing maintainers, alluding to the need for resources to address maintainer burnout – a vital component to sustaining the health of the volunteer-driven project. Linus Torvalds had previously acknowledged the issue of professionalism and the effects of aggressive communication on the Linux development community. His involvement in this recent exchange suggests a continued commitment to vigorous debate, tempered by lessons from past experiences.

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