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OpenAI Prohibits AI Impersonation of Political Candidates

OpenAI bans AI creation of fake candidate chatbots to prevent election campaign manipulation.


has introduced strict regulations surrounding its AI models ChatGPT and DALL-E in the context of the current 2024 election cycle. The firm has implemented a policy that prohibits usage of its tools for simulating real-life election candidates. This move aims to prevent potential misuse that could impact the electoral process. It is a part of OpenAI's cross-operational initiative to protect the elections that was announced last week. 

Developer Account Removed for Policy Violation

According to the Washington Post, a violation of this policy has led to the suspension of a developer who utilized to design a chatbot replicating US House of Representatives member Dean Phillips. Phillips, representing Minnesota's third district, is challenging incumbent President Joe Biden in the Democratic Party's presidential primaries. The developer company behind the creation, Delphi, was funded by a Super PAC named We Deserve Better, which endorses Phillips' presidential campaign.

Despite the presence of disclaimers identifying the AI nature of “Dean.Bot,” OpenAI deemed the chatbot's existence as breaching its established rules. Following the violation, the Super PAC We Deserve Better requested that Delphi cease using ChatGPT in favor of open-source AI alternatives for the chatbot. Nevertheless, Delphi concluded the operation of Dean.Bot after the developer's access to ChatGPT was terminated.

Connections and Ethical Standards

The incident has garnered additional attention due to Matt Krisiloff, co-founder of the Super PAC and former chief of staff for OpenAI's CEO . Despite Krisiloff's admittance to past meetings with Rep. Phillips, he asserts that Altman holds no position within the Super PAC's activities.

A spokesperson for ChatGPT commented on the situation, stating, “Anyone who builds with our tools must follow our usage policies. We removed a developer account that was knowingly in breach of our API usage guidelines, which prohibit political campaigning, or impersonating an individual without consent.”

The enforcement of these policies by OpenAI underscores the company's commitment to the responsible use of AI technology and the maintenance of ethical standards in the application of AI during sensitive periods, such as national elections. OpenAI's move sends a clear message to developers and political entities, highlighting the importance of adhering to ethical AI usage to ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

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