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Gmail Innovates with Voice-Prompted AI for Streamlined Email Composition

Gmail gets voice-to-email! Compose new emails or replies using spoken instructions. The AI captures your prompts, drafts the email, and lets you edit before sending.


has incorporated a new voice-driven feature into the Gmail app that allows users to draft emails using spoken instructions. This beta feature, identified in version 2023.12.31.599526178 of the app, has been spotted by TheSpAndroid. It signifies an extension of the app's AI capabilities, offering substantial improvements to the user email composition experience. Along with the existing “Help Me Write” function that generates text suggestions, takes another step forward in utilizing artificial intelligence and natural processing.

How the Voice Feature Works

When composing a new email or replying, users of the updated Gmail app will notice a microphone icon. Upon tapping this icon, they are granted access to the voice interface, which captures their verbal communication cues. The articulated prompts could range from scheduling requests to detailed content specifics. By stating, for example, “Schedule a meeting with John for next Friday at 3 PM to discuss the project,” the app's AI system is triggered to create an email encompassing all vital components — including the intended recipient, the subject, and the body of the email reflecting the essence of the voice prompt.

Editing and Implementation

After the AI conceives the draft based on the recorded prompt, users can review and revise the email as necessary. This ensures that the final message captures their exact intent and is free of any AI-generated inaccuracies. Should a user opt out of the voice interface, they can revisit the feature through a conveniently placed button within the email composition screen.

The drafting tool, which is also accessible within Google Docs, forms part of Labs, and it may not be immediately available to new users until the wider release is initiated. Moreover, Google continues to enhance their mobile app functionalities, with recent inclusions like native translation features and work location schedules based on time of day, reflecting their commitment to creating a multifaceted suite of productivity tools for users.

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