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Microsoft Rolls Out New Features for Windows 365 Boot and Switch in Public Preview

Windows 365 gets accessibility boost: Boot now has dedicated mode, smoother logins; Switch gains disconnect option, clearer indicators, and local setting tweaks.


has unveiled new features for its Windows 365 Boot and Windows 365 Switch services, now in public preview. The updates focus on user accessibility and seamless transition between local and Cloud PCs for users. The announcement highlights additions such as a new dedicated Boot mode, smart logic to streamline logins, and improvements to Switch functionality.

New Dedicated Boot Mode and Smart Logic

The latest dedicated mode in Boot allows company-owned devices to connect to a from the Windows 11 login screen. Employees can now use authentication like Windows Hello for Business for an easier and more secure login. The updated system includes smart logic that helps users avoid delays by proactively informing them of network issues or incomplete setups, ensuring a smoother Cloud PC login.

Switching Profiles and Local Settings Adjustments

Microsoft's Windows 365 Switch feature now permits users to disconnect from their Cloud PC directly from their local PC. A new indicator also aids users by displaying “Cloud PC” or “Local PC” as they navigate between platforms. Additionally, enhancements to Windows 365 Boot allow changes to certain local PC settings even while logged into the Cloud PC. These updates are tailored to enhance user experience by providing a more intuitive interface and reducing the friction of managing dual environments.

The public preview of these features is expected to give users a glimpse into the future of hybrid computing provided by Microsoft. Detailed instructions on how to employ the new features have been shared, ensuring that users can take immediate advantage of the latest enhancements. Microsoft has not specified when these features will move from public preview to general availability. However, the announcement signals Microsoft's commitment to continuously improving the flexibility and user-friendliness of its cloud and local computing services.

General Availability of Boot and Switch

Windows 365 Boot and Windows 365 Switch were released in general availability during September. During July 2021, Microsoft introduced Windows 365 Cloud PC, a virtual version of the OS available in the cloud. In August of the same year, Microsoft matured Cloud PC with the launch of Windows 365 brings the Windows platform to Microsoft cloud through Azure. 

Windows 365 Boot offers a streamlined method for employees to log directly into their Windows 365 Cloud PC, making it the primary Windows experience on their device. Windows 365 Switch enables users to effortlessly transition between a Windows 365 Cloud PC and a local .

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