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Microsoft Prepares PowerToys v0.77 Update Featuring New “Command Not Found” Tool

Microsoft's PowerToys v0.77 adds "Command Not Found," a tool that suggests PowerShell package fixes for typos or missing components.


has completed work on the latest update to its popular PowerToys collection. v0.77 is poised to introduce “Command Not Found,” a new utility designed to aid users in navigating PowerShell by providing package installation suggestions when it detects mistyped commands.

Functionality of “Command Not Found”

The new tool, “Command Not Found,” acts as a PowerShell module that detects when a user enters a command incorrectly. It then analyses the error and suggests a possible WinGet package that should be installed. For instance, if someone tries to execute “code” without having Visual Studio Code installed, PowerShell will suggest installing it through winget. This feature is meant to prompt the user on what actions to take to resolve missing components or typos within the .

Even though this utility has significant advantages, it will not be enabled by default in the upcoming release. Users willing to take advantage of “Command Not Found” will need to install PowerShell 7.4 to ensure compatibility and functionality.

Broader Updates and Future Plans

Beyond “Command Not Found,” there are other improvements included in the PowerToys v0.77 update. These enhancements range from the capability to switch languages to augmented support for mathematical symbols in Quick Accent, which facilitates quick input of accented symbols. Aesthetic refinements, like an enhanced interface for the Color Picker and the addition of a spinning cog icon to signal processing when accessing general options, are part of this update as well.

Microsoft continues to refine PowerToys with future updates, such as the Keyboard Manager. This module will soon allow users to set custom keyboard shortcuts for launching URLs and applications, streamlining the process of accessing frequently visited websites or commonly used apps.

For those interested in downloading the PowerToys suite, it is available at no cost from the Microsoft Store or GitHub. Users can also install it via using the command winget install powertoys. Those who contribute to its development or want to keep abreast of project updates can do so by monitoring the activity on , where the project's progression is regularly documented.

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