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Microsoft Introduces Copilot AI to Viva Glint for Advanced Employee Feedback Analysis

Microsoft's AI Copilot joins Viva Glint surveys, enabling advanced feedback analysis like sentiment, summaries, and more.


has initiated a private preview of its advanced generative artificial intelligence feature, Copilot, within the Viva Glint employee survey app. This new integration aims to allow companies to efficiently analyze survey responses using AI-powered queries.

Transforming Employee Feedback Analysis with AI

With 's inclusion in Viva Glint, organizations can now parse feedback from employee surveys more effectively. A demonstration by Microsoft shows that Copilot enables nuanced interpretations from vast survey data, using the integrated prompts within the Copilot feature. The preview phase will enable analysis capabilities such as summarizing comments, categorizing them by survey items, sentiment, filter attributes, and also generating prescriptive analytics.

Eligibility and Language Support

For organizations interested in participating in the private preview of Copilot in Viva Glint, certain requirements must be met. Qualifying organizations should already be actively using Viva Glint software and must have conducted surveys to provide content for the AI analysis. Participation is also contingent upon joining the Viva Customer Connection Program. As of now, the private preview is available exclusively in English. However, expansions to incorporate additional languages are currently in progress. To take part in the preview, organizations are advised to connect with their Viva Glint Customer Experience Program Manager or contact a Microsoft sales representative.

Background on Viva Suite and LinkedIn's Glint

Glint, which was bought by LinkedIn in 2018, has been integrated into the Viva Suite since late 2022. The Viva Suite, widely recognized as an employee experience platform, hosts a range of applications including Viva Glint and is accessible within the Microsoft Teams service. Alongside Viva Glint, the Microsoft Viva suite offers an assortment of applications such as Viva Pulse, tailored for team polling, and other tools aligned with employee engagement and productivity.

Additional Offerings and Forward-Looking Development

The Viva Suite provides an array of tools, with Viva Pulse and Viva Glint merely being two components of the larger suite that includes six other applications. These tools are designed to cater to various organizational needs surrounding employee engagement and productivity. Microsoft's progressive enhancements to the Viva Suite underscore the company's commitment to leveraging AI for the betterment of workspace technologies. As this development is geared towards offering expansive support and more sophisticated analysis tools, it signifies Microsoft's ongoing dedication to innovation within the realm of corporate technology.

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