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Microsoft Explores Greater Copilot Integration in Windows Operating Systems

Windows gets AI makeover: Copilot expands, hinting at system-wide integration. Code clues suggest "Show desktop" button might be replaced with Copilot in system tray.


The Windows development team has launched two fresh builds for testing, one within the Dev Channel and another in the Canary Channel. Within the updates, there's a coding indication that points toward a broader role for the feature throughout the operating system. Currently, Copilot can be accessed by clicking its icon on the taskbar, but there are hints that its presence might be extended to the system tray, potentially taking over the placement of the “Show desktop” button.

Speculative Features Based on Code Analysis

A speculation emerges from analyses conducted by a user known as PhantomOfEarth, who has extracted a specific feature ID from build 26016. Though attempts to activate this feature via the ViVeTool application yield no significant results currently, these findings fuel anticipation for future updates. Microsoft is expected to reveal more details in upcoming preview builds, shedding light on the improvements planned for the Copilot feature in .

Advancements in AI for Windows

The discovery by PhantomOfEarth corroborates with projections that the next major Windows update, tentatively scheduled for release in the second half of 2024, will emphasize AI enhancements. Among the anticipated upgrades are the reintroduction of the Timeline function, which will allow users to return to an app or screen associated with a specific query, as well as the implementation of natural language search.

Greater integration of the Copilot function across various components of the Windows shell is anticipated to simplify interactions with the AI assistant, making its features more user-friendly and accessible. The evolution of Copilot strives to fulfill the promise of an effective AI-powered assistant, surpassing its current limitations within Windows 11 and Windows 10, the latter of which is approaching its support conclusion.

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