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Microsoft Announces Copilot Key: A New Era for PC Interaction

Goodbye Menu Key, Hello Copilot: After 30 years, Microsoft's keyboard layout is getting a major update with the introduction of the Copilot key.


has introduced a new feature that will impact Windows keyboards significantly. The company has announced the launch of a Copilot key, designed to facilitate direct access to the AI-powered Windows Copilot experience. This keymarks the first major update to the Windows keyboard layout in about 30 years.

Enhancing User Interaction with AI

The innovative key is positioned next to the right-hand Alt key on desktop keyboards. This strategic placement is similar to how Microsoft previously incorporated a dedicated Office key on its proprietary keyboards in 2019. The Copilot key aims to streamline interactions with an AI that can provide users with answers to their queries and assist with tasks within Windows. In regions where the is not yet accessible, pressing the Copilot key will initiate Windows Search instead.

From Menu Key to Copilot Key

Functioning as a quick launch button for the moment, the Copilot key is set to replace the traditional menu key, a staple since the early days of Windows keyboards. Although current details are limited to its singular function, future combinations of the Copilot key with others are not ruled out. Microsoft remains tight-lipped about which original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) will incorporate the Copilot key in their upcoming products, with official announcements expected at the Consumer Electronics Show and subsequent events.

The inclusion of the Copilot key in new devices commences a broader strategy by Microsoft to infuse AI technology into various aspects of their software ecosystem. This ambitious integration aims to simplify and amplify user computing experiences, suggesting a potential “refresh” of Windows that focuses heavily on AI innovations.

Microsoft's endeavor to integrate AI extends beyond the new Copilot key and into their suite of products and services, as evidenced by their newfound branding of Microsoft Edge as the “AI browser.” As 2024 unfolds, the continued push towards AI integration suggests a transformative period for personal computing with Microsoft at the helm.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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