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Audacity Enhances Audio Editing with New OpenVINO AI Effects for Windows

Audacity, the popular open-source audio editor, has introduced a suite of AI-powered audio effects for Windows users.


Audacity has introduced a suite of AI-powered audio effects, harnessing Intel's OpenVINO toolkit to enhance the audio editing experience for Windows users. The inclusion of new capabilities like Noise Suppression, Transcription, Music Generation, Music Style Remix, and Music Separation marks a significant advancement in the open-source platform's functionality. These features are designed to cater to both podcast producers and music creators, offering the ability to refine audio inputs and stimulate the creative process.

Intelligent Audio Editing with OpenVINO

Utilizing OpenVINO's toolkit, which epitomizes 's push towards local model optimization on its hardware, Audacity provides users with tools that operate directly on their devices. The new features leverage artificial intelligence to deliver a range of benefits; Noise Suppression aids in minimizing unwanted background sounds, Transcription converts speech to text to assist in content creation, while Music Generation, Music Style Remix, and Music Separation allow producers to invent new music, alter music styles, and isolate individual aspects of music tracks for detailed editing.

Technical Accessibility and Community Involvement

To access these enhancements, users need to download the custom-developed plugins from Intel's GitHub repository. While Audacity acknowledges the potential for these plugins to be compiled from source on Linux and macOS, it does not provide specific instructions for these processes. Despite this, the robust and collaborative nature of the Linux community suggests that a solution for non-Windows platforms may soon become available through various independent efforts.

Audacity remains a popular choice for audio editing, particularly within the Linux community where it serves as a key tool. The new features stemming from the collaboration with Intel's OpenVINO toolkit not only enhance its standing but also showcase how AI can be productively applied in creative multimedia software. As user adoption of these features increases, Audacity is poised to set a new standard in accessible, yet advanced audio processing.

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