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Appcopier Emerges as a Lightweight Alternative to the Official Windows’ Backup App

Third-party Appcopier emerges as a nimble alternative for local backups on both Windows 11 and 10.


In August, despite being conceptualized as a exclusive, also released the Windows Backup app for users of Windows 10. While users have had access to the app since then, some may not enjoy the experience. For a lightweight experience that offers the same, a developer has released Appcopier as an alternative

Expansion and Enterprise Challenges

Although the Backup app's cross-platform release was intended to benefit users, it created challenges within enterprise environments. System administrators faced disruptions when the app was deployed on managed systems, prompting Microsoft to commit to a corrective update. This adherence to feedback underscores the tech giant's responsiveness to the professional community's requirements.

Alternative Third-Party Solution: Appcopier

Amidst these developments, a new third-party software named Appcopier presents itself as a nimble alternative for users seeking local backup solutions. The application offers a straightforward mechanism, allowing users to replicate and restore essential Windows 11 settings and preferences without the need for cloud connectivity. Notably, Appcopier might also function with systems, although without an official guarantee from its developers.

Appcopier operates by exporting specific registry entries and related folders and files, ensuring a rapid and unobtrusive backup process. Interested users can access the preview version on GitHub. As a third-party offering, Appcopier demonstrates the ongoing interest and potential for innovation in system backup utilities outside of official channels.

The Backup app and third-party alternatives like Appcopier reflect an evolving landscape where users demand flexibility and efficiency in and preservation on various . As Microsoft continues to address feedback and refine its offerings, the emergence of tools like Appcopier illustrates the community's appetite for choice and control in personal and professional computing environments.

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