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Microsoft Prepares for ‘Moment 5’ Update Ahead of next-Gen Windows Release in February

Microsoft's "Moment 5" for Windows 11 brings small upgrades, widget tweaks, easier EU sharing, and a removable Edge browser, targeting February 2025.


is reportedly ready to release a new update for , known as “Moment 5“, which is expected to arrive by February 2025. The update follows the substantial 23H2 release on October 31 and marks another in a series of incremental updates dubbed “Moments.” Despite the anticipation for Microsoft's next-generation Windows client to be introduced in late 2024, “Moment 5” will focus on introducing moderate improvements while ensuring compliance with the European Union's Digital Markets Act.

Enhancements and Compliance Features

According to Windows Central, the forthcoming update promises to refine user experience with several incremental improvements. Microsoft's focus is on enhancing Windows 11 widgets, providing users with the option to tailor their newsfeed visibility. Notably, the update also brings new accessibility features, enhances sharing capabilities, and expands upon Windows 365 integration. It also proposes updates to inbox applications, including a character counter for Notepad and a new section for the Microsoft Store.

Significantly, in response to the Digital Markets Act, the update will afford European Union residents the ability to uninstall Microsoft Edge more effortlessly than before. This change reflects an increasing push for greater control and customization for users, particularly in regions with strict digital regulations.

Early Access and Insider Insights

Eager users need not wait for the official “Moment 5” rollout to experience some of its offerings. Microsoft has made available an updated Widgets Board that can now be modified to switch off the news. Additionally, methods exist to uninstall Microsoft Edge independently of one's geographical location. For those interested in previewing more features, joining the Windows Insider Program—specifically the more stable Beta Channel—offers an early glimpse into these changes prior to the general release of the update.

While details have emerged from these Microsoft plans, caution is advised, as the report remains unconfirmed, and the is known for its variable timelines and shifting priorities. As new information becomes available, more comprehensive analyses of the “Moment 5” update will be undertaken to provide users with a detailed understanding of the improvements and new features they can expect from the upcoming Windows 11 enhancements.

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