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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2023: European Cities 1 Update Now Available

Microsoft Flight Simulator wraps up 2023 with city upgrades in Europe: stunning visuals for The Hague, Brussels, Košice, Zagreb, and Cádiz.


The development team overseeing Microsoft Flight Simulator has completed their final free content update for the year. The European Cities 1 update elevates the visual detail of five cities within Europe. According to the simulator's official website, these cities include The Hague in the Netherlands, Brussels in Belgium, Košice in Slovakia, Zagreb in Croatia, and Cádiz in Spain.

Utilizing the latest geographic information and Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) surface modeling techniques, these five urban regions have been reconstructed with the highest visual fidelity possible. TIN is a technique used to create a surface that represents a geographic area, composed of multiple non-overlapping triangles derived from a set of points. This method is beneficial for creating more realistic terrain by accurately capturing elevation and slopes.

The Flight Simulator's community, commonly referred to as sim pilots, can now experience these enhancements, provided they have version or newer of the game. Dedicated followers might note this is the fifth major city update since the simulator's release.

New Aircraft Joins the Fleet

In addition to the city visual upgrades, the simulation experience is further enriched with the introduction of a new plane to its Marketplace. The Cessna T207A Turbo Stationair, priced at $14.99, joins the extensive collection of aircraft. The T207A, a turbocharged variant of the model 207, is renowned for its exceptional short-field performance and adaptability to bush flying. With the ability to seat up to eight individuals, including pilots, it has achieved a legendary status among small planes for its turbo-charged power and proficiency on rugged airstrips. The new addition comes in three versions: standard, cargo/freighter, and skydiving, each offering several liveries for players to choose from.

Anticipation for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

Looking beyond the current iteration, the team is already developing the stand-alone sequel, Flight Simulator 2024. Announced in June, the upcoming title promises to deliver improved graphics and flight physics. Additionally, it aims to widen the scope of flight simulation by introducing various flight professions, each accompanied by unique missions and challenges that simulate different facets of aviation careers. While a specific release date remains undisclosed, anticipation builds as more details about this sequel are expected to emerge.

Until then, players can continue to explore new updates, both free and paid, that will be available in the coming year, offering more content to expand the already robust flight simulation experiences that Microsoft Flight Simulator provides.

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