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GitHub Copilot Introduces AI-Powered Code Naming Feature in Visual Studio Preview

Microsoft's Copilot Chat gets an AI upgrade: it now suggests context-aware names for variables and functions in your code


has unveiled an advanced feature for users of Visual Studio Preview who subscribe to the paid GitHub Copilot Chat extension: the ability to suggest context-aware names for variables, methods, and classes. The extension does more than just provide names; it analyzes the use and style of one's code to offer identifier suggestions that integrate flawlessly into the existing codebase.

Improving Code Readability and Team Collaboration

The significance of effective naming cannot be overstated for both individual work and team-based projects. Descriptive and consistent names aid in maintaining the intelligibility of code over time, facilitating both personal recall and collective understanding. To access the new naming tool, developers simply right-click an identifier and select the Rename option, prompting a list of tailor-made suggestions.

Subscriptions and Availability

Chat, akin to other , is integrated within the IDE sidebar. Developers can engage in multi-turn conversations about coding and seek guidance on their current projects. GitHub emphasizes the context-driven nature of Copilot, which makes it more valuable than a generic chat assistant.

To benefit from the naming suggestions, a GitHub Copilot subscription is a prerequisite, with different pricing tiers catering to individual and enterprise needs: $10 monthly or $100 annually for individual users. Business and enterprise subscriptions are available at $19 and $39 per user per month, respectively. Developers should have the latest Visual Studio Preview and an updated GitHub Copilot Chat extension to start using the rename feature. Enabling this functionality requires users to navigate to Options in the Visual Studio Preview and activate the “Enable rename suggestions” option under the chat settings.

Microsoft encourages feedback on this feature, seeking insights into its impact on programming workflows. The advent of AI-powered tools to aid in coding practices represents a growing trend of generative within the technology sector. 

Last Updated on May 14, 2024 10:59 am CEST

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