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European Regulators Open Probe into X, Looking into the Company’s Compliance Measures

The European Commission has launched a formal investigation into whether X has complied with the Digital Services Act (DSA).


The European Commission has opened a formal investigation to determine whether the X, previously known as , has complied with the Digital Services Act (DSA). Concerns have been raised about the platform's risk management practices and their effectiveness in curbing the distribution of illegal content across the European Union.

Concerns Over Illegal Content and Researcher Access

Regulators are examining whether the company has taken adequate steps to assess and mitigate the risk associated with the spread of illegal content. There is also scrutiny over the platform's actions taken to prevent information manipulation. The effectiveness of these measures is a central focus of the probe. Additionally, the European Commission is investigating potential deficiencies in granting researchers access to X's publicly available data. Reports have surfaced suggesting that the platform's user interface may be deceptive, particularly concerning verification badges linked to subscription-based products.

No Deadline for Investigation Outcome

As the first significant evaluation of the Digital Services Act's adherence since its adoption in April 2022, this investigation stands as a pivotal test of the EU's regulatory framework. The European Commission has made clear that the formal commencement of the investigation signals neither a predetermined conclusion nor a fixed timeline for its resolution.

Evidence collection is ongoing and may involve conducting interviews, performing inspections, and requesting additional information from the company. Should a contravention be found, the Commission may consider remedies proposed by the platform to address the issues under examination.

In light of the unfolding events, the platform has remained relatively reticent. Representatives have eschewed providing detailed commentary, offering a succinct response to inquiries and suggesting to revisit the matter at a later stage.

The European Union has shown its commitment to ensuring compliance with the Digital Services Act, having dispatched a team to perform stress tests on the social network in June to assess potential adherence prior to the launch of this formal investigation. As the EU continues to enforce its regulatory standards, the outcomes of this probe will be keenly watched by policymakers, industry stakeholders, and digital rights advocates.

Last Updated on January 3, 2024 3:07 pm CET

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