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ByteDance Reportedly Utilizes OpenAI’s Data in Project Seed AI Model

Project Seed allegedly built on OpenAI tech, violating terms of service. ByteDance has since been suspended by OpenAI.


, the owner of the popular app TikTok, has become embroiled in controversy. The company has reportedly been using technology from OpenAI to develop its own language model in breach of the latter's terms of service. Sources knowledgeable on the matter disclose that ByteDance's Project Seed relies significantly on OpenAI's API throughout its development stages, including training and benchmarking the new model.

Internal documents from ByteDance have revealed that their large language model, known internally as Project Seed, has been in development with the aid of OpenAI's technology, in direct contravention of explicit guidelines. OpenAI's policy prohibits the usage of its model outputs to create competing AI models. , a key partner of OpenAI, echoes this stance within its own terms of service. It is understood that ByteDance accesses OpenAI's technology through a commercial arrangement with Microsoft.

Potential Consequences and Industry Response

The use of OpenAI's proprietary technology could spark a significant backlash in the tech community, especially among stakeholders in artificial intelligence. ByteDance employees engaged with Project Seed systematically approached the limits of their allotted API access. Disclosed internal discussions on Lark, ByteDance's internal messaging service, indicate an awareness of the potential repercussions.

Employees have conversed about sanitizing the trail of evidence through “data desensitization,” allegedly to conceal their reliance on OpenAI's technology. ByteDance also says that its usage of OpenAI data does fall within the stated terms and conditions. In response, OpenAI has since suspended ByteDance's access to its API

The artificial intelligence field, particularly where are concerned, is highly competitive, marked by rapid advancements and the formation of proprietary technologies. Major industry players customarily invest vast resources in proprietary technology, making the alleged incident a significant breach of accepted business conduct and intellectual property norms.

If conclusive, this development could lead to legal actions and damage trust amongst industry peers. It is worth noting that was also reported to have used OpenAI data from ChatGPT to train its Bard chatbot, although the company denied reports earlier this year. 

Exploring the Implications

While the development of technology remains a fierce battleground for tech giants, operations like ByteDance's Project Seed highlight the intricate terrain of intellectual property and collaborative ethics in the AI sphere. The ramifications of such behavior underscore the complex challenges faced by AI companies in managing competitive pressures while adhering to legal and ethical standards.

The prospect of a new language model emerging from ByteDance has broader implications for the AI industry. Should Project Seed reach fruition utilizing OpenAI's technology, it could disrupt the current AI market dynamic. However, the allegations of underhanded tactics cast a shadow on ByteDance's reputation and raise questions about the integrity of its development processes. It will be imperative to monitor how the situation unfolds and what measures, if any, will be taken by OpenAI, Microsoft, and regulatory bodies in response.

SourceThe Verge
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