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Microsoft Introduces Windows 11 Enhanced Sign-in Experience for European Users

Europe gets a user-choice sign-in for Windows 10/11! Starting January, you'll decide if apps use your login. This complies with EU rules


has launched a new sign-in experience for European Economic Area (EEA) users of Windows 10 and . Aimed at ensuring adherence to the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the new feature is expected to be available starting January 2024, with full implementation expected by March 2024.

User-Centric Sign-In Approach

Windows users in the EEA will encounter a notice upon signing into their devices, which indicates the use of their account credentials to access other Microsoft applications and services. Users are presented with the option to either ‘Continue' or select ‘Don't sign in'. If the latter is chosen for applications that do not require authentication, the application can be utilized without signing in. The sign-in preference will be remembered, reducing the frequency of prompts, except in specific circumstances such as not signing into Windows for a span of 90 days, or after the removal and re-addition of a cloud account to the operating system.

Gatekeeper Regulation Insight

The European Union's Digital Markets Act is a legislative framework intended to maintain fairness and openness in digital markets. Companies that fulfill certain financial and operational criteria are categorized as “gatekeepers.” These are large platform operators such as Alphabet, , , ByteDance, Meta, and Microsoft, which control access to significant platform services. Gatekeepers are recognized for their capacity to unilaterally dictate commercial conditions, affecting both business users and end customers adversely. The Windows single sign-in feature aims to mitigate such control by granting users more autonomy over their sign-in preferences.

Preview versions of the new sign-in notification are available within “Windows 11 (Build 2631.2787)” for EEA users. Participants in the Windows Insider Program can anticipate the feature's preview in and 11 in the subsequent weeks. The official notice from Microsoft underscores the company's commitment to meeting regulatory requirements and enhancing user experience by providing more transparent and controllable sign-in options.

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