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Amazon Introduces ‘Your Books’ to Rival Goodreads Amid Recent Review Controversies

Amidst controversy surrounding Goodreads, Amazon has launched a new feature called "Your Books" to help readers organize and discover new books


has launched a new feature known as ‘Your Books', aimed at helping readers organize and discover new books based on their purchasing history. The announcement comes amidst controversy surrounding Goodreads, also owned by Amazon, which has recently faced issues with “review bombing”.

‘Your Books' provides users with a comprehensive catalog of all their purchased, borrowed, or wishlist books spanning across physical prints, Kindle, and Audible formats. The service is designed to leverage Amazon's vast data on customer purchases to offer tailored book recommendations without relying heavily on user-generated reviews, unlike Goodreads.

Organizing and Discovering New Reads

The ‘Your Books' interface offers a personalized library where readers can sort their collection by various criteria such as genre, authors, or series. Users can discover new books through recommendations generated from individual titles, groups of titles, or their entire reading history. A ‘Discovery Mode' further enriches the experience by creating a customized bookstore-like interface, showcasing suggested reads in an easily navigable layout.

In addition to addressing personal reading preferences, ‘Your Books' aims to support book club activities by integrating Amazon Book Clubs, a feature that assists groups in selecting and discussing new books.

Addressing Review Bombing Issues

The launch coincides with concerns over the integrity of book reviews on Goodreads, where instances of review bombing have reportedly undermined authors' works. By focusing on internal data for recommendations, Amazon is potentially offering a more controlled and commerce-driven for book discovery, possibly mitigating third-party review influence on reader choices.

Amazon's ‘Your Books' arrives as Spotify broadens its foothold in the audiobook sector, challenging Audible's leading position. By unifying user interactions with books across multiple formats into a single recommendation system, Amazon is consolidating its dominance in the digital book market.

The ‘Your Books' feature is now accessible on Amazon.com, signifying Amazon's continued investment in its book retail ecosystem and efforts to enrich the reading experience for its customers.

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