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Microsoft Enhances Clipchamp with AI-driven Auto Composing and Expanded Content Library

Microsoft 365 users rejoice! The popular video editing tool Clipchamp is now seamlessly integrated into both Personal and Family subscription plans.


has expanded its video editing offerings by integrating the web-based tool Clipchamp into its Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription plans. The company has also recently added the service to its Commercial plans and has included functionality for importing video captures directly from Xbox game consoles.

Innovative Features Bolster User Creativity

A new feature called ‘Auto compose' leverages artificial intelligence to greatly simplify the video creation process. Users can upload their photos and videos, choose a video style, and allow the AI to assemble a professional-grade video. This feature is particularly tailored to enhance content creation, facilitating the transformation of life event footage, travel experiences, or holiday celebrations into stand-out videos.

Furthermore, 's latest content library tab provides users with an extensive array of stock content. This includes both free and premium materials that users can integrate into their projects. The library is thoughtfully sorted to present trending and previously utilized resources, as well as content that is categorized for easier access. A search feature enables users to pinpoint specific assets, such as holiday-themed clips, images, or audio.

Voiceovers and Text-to-Speech Elevate Accessibility

Microsoft has also rolled out a significant update for personal accounts on Clipchamp. This includes the ability to record audio voiceovers for up to 30 minutes, a feature that simplifies the process of adding a personal touch to videos. By creating a voiceover and pairing it with auto captions, the time-consuming task of generating text from scratch is greatly reduced. Users also have the flexibility to edit their voiceover separately, avoiding the need to alter the entire video.

An additional advancement is the integration of AI-based features. These enable users to produce voiceovers in various languages, with options to tailor the voice, convey specific emotions, and adjust pitch. Microsoft plans to make these text-to-speech capabilities available to commercial account holders in early 2024.

Clipchamp, which Microsoft acquired in September 2021, is a web-based video creation and editing tool that offers a range of features, such as templates, filters, transitions, text, audio, and animations. Users can also upload their own media files or use stock footage from ‘s library.

Clipchamp has since become the main video editing tool on Windows 11, according to Microsoft. The company revealed last September that it has updated the  Photos app and removed the video editing tools from it.

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